Half Log Siding: Everything You Need To Know

Half log siding is common for cabins in the woods and cabin-style homes in urban areas, too. There’s something about the look of a log cabin that generates a stronger connection with the great outdoors and a cozy ambiance. Whether it’s your primary residence or a vacation home, outfitting your cabin with the best log siding is essential for long-lasting enjoyment.

If half log siding is something you’re considering, it’s important to know the risks and rewards of this exterior style — as well as a practical alternative that can perform better in the long run. Take a look at this breakdown of half log siding so you can make the best choice for your home.

What is Half Log Siding?

Half log siding is a type of siding that relies on partial cuts of wood rather than full logs. When designing a cabin-style exterior, it’s important to note that the timber can be cut as half logs or quarter logs. The distinction is mostly in the profile of the log on the finished product. Half log siding features log cuts that have a more rounded face on the exterior compared to quarter logs, which only have a slightly rounded surface appearance. The difference mostly comes down to aesthetic preference.

Both styles — half log siding and quarter log siding — were traditionally crafted from real wood logs. Traditionally, timber was one of the most accessible materials available, so log siding was the style for many homes. The allure of natural wood continues today, as many people admire the woodgrain and character of half log siding.

However, there are a lot of concerns that make half log siding made from real wood a real risk in today’s environment. Luckily there’s an alternative material that provides more modern protection and durability without giving up the allure of half log siding.

Common Complaints About Half Log Siding

Half log siding is incredibly difficult to maintain, simply because there are so many things that can easily damage real wood.

Moisture damage is perhaps the biggest complaint with natural wood siding. Wood absorbs moisture — no matter how many chemicals and waterproofing finishes you apply! Humidity, rainfall, and snowfall can cause moisture to build up and linger, which can result in sagging logs, mold growth, and rotting. All of these problems affect the aesthetic value of the half log siding as well as the structural integrity and safety of the exterior.

To avoid moisture damage destroying the siding completely, routine maintenance is mandatory. That includes cleaning, staining, and fixing chinking issues regularly. The better the seal is maintained, the less likely moisture damage is to take hold of the siding.

Other issues with half log siding include pest control and flammability. Both of these factors can threaten the siding and jeopardize safety. Termites, carpenter ants, wasps, beetles, and other wildlife are attracted to siding made from natural wood. These pests can devastate the integrity of the siding and cause extensive damage. Likewise, if a fire breaks out, half log siding built with real wood can go up in flames in a flash.

The good news is that there is an alternative to half log siding made from real wood which offers solutions to these common complaints, without compromising on the beautiful aesthetic of natural wood.

Get the Look of Half Log Siding Without the Issues

Modern materials like wood-style steel offer the durability that homeowners need to enjoy a well-protected cabin exterior. Designed to be entirely maintenance-free, TruLog siding provides a practical way to have a half log siding exterior that is moisture resistant — because it is built with a steel core. This high-quality steel design also enhances the overall durability of the log-style siding, meaning it’s much better equipped to deal with the elements.

In addition, TruLog siding is not nearly as desirable to pests as half log siding built with wood. This can save homeowners the time, money, effort — and headaches — involved with costly repairs and pest solutions. Having a more durable defense against pests and wildlife is something that is just as valuable in the city as it is in the countryside. 

Because of its steel composition, TruLog cabin-style siding also boasts a Class A Fire Rating, making it a superior option to guard against the spread of fire than wood half log siding.

The best part is that TruLog offers a wide variety of gorgeous, log-style siding designs and colors. Whether you prefer light-colored pine or the rich color of walnut, there are many authentic-looking colors to choose from — all with beautiful wood grain patterning!
Half log siding made from steel is the best solution for combatting the classic problems of wood. Whether you’re resurfacing an existing structure or building from the ground up, download our Log Siding Buyers Guide today for heavy-duty log-style siding.

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