10 Gray Metal Siding Ideas

10 Gray Metal Siding Designs & Ideas for Your House

When it comes to timeless and tasteful design, gray metal siding offers plenty of potential. While interior designers flock to gray tones to create serene settings indoors, the power of gray metal siding to transform the exterior should be recognized as well.

Whether you’ve got a minimalist design in mind or you’re willing to try something fresh, like charcoal gray metal siding with a pop of colorful trim, this list highlights a few of the most popular gray siding trends being spotted from coast to coast.

1. Minimalist Gray Metal Siding

Minimalist Gray Metal Siding

This home embraces the tradition of horizontal lap by choosing a modern gray metal siding color complemented by black and white trim. Horizontal lap is a classic choice for ranch homes and other architectural styles that prioritize pure and simple design.

Notice how the brownish-red brick facade emphasizes the foundation and adds an earthy feel to the overall palette, further reflected in the landscaping around the perimeter. This house with gray metal siding demonstrates the beauty of simplicity.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Style

Rustic Farmhouse Style

This house illustrates a rustic approach to modern gray metal siding by using a board and batten style that reflects a farmhouse feel. Stained wood beams are used for the porch and window trim to add an obvious callback to the natural setting, while the covered deck area reflects the focus of this home’s outdoor aesthetic.

Board and batten is a great choice for this house with gray metal siding because it boosts the authenticity of the farmhouse-inspired design. By choosing a gray metal siding style with a wood grain pattern, the exterior also showcases exceptional texture that fits in with the rustic design.

3. Modern Angles

Modern Angles

Massive triangular windows bring an extremely elegant and contemporary feel to this home, while also allowing natural light to fill the indoors. By setting the window line parallel to the slope of the roof, this house has fantastic architectural balance and symmetry.

The vertical gray siding is absolutely ideal for this home. The angles are so prominent throughout the exterior, and other siding styles could clash with or distract from the angular architecture, whereas the vertical layout sits just right. A dark nutmeg trim complements the ash gray metal siding to create a relaxed yet mature look.

4. Charcoal with Victorian Charm

Charcoal with Victorian Charm

Charcoal gray metal siding gets lifted by crisp white trim on this home, with a switch-up in style effectively accenting the dormer. Meanwhile, red brick along the foundation and front porch adds a pop of color that helps this home feel approachable and welcoming.

When working with highly decorative fascia, trim and window features, sleek gray lap can be the perfect choice to help elevate those additional embellishments.

5. Bright Green Scallops

Bright Green Scallops

The roof is usually the last element of the exterior to steal the show, but this home makes a statement with a bold green color choice and scalloped design. Cool gray lap looks fantastic next to the bright green roofing and white trim, lending an ultra-chic style to this home.

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6. Traditional Style with Gray Lap

Traditional Style with Gray Lap

This home blends historic architecture with a modern color palette for a refreshing look and feel. While gray metal siding and white trim tend to be a natural color combination, the sand-colored roof puts a twist on this home’s exterior – in a good way! This three-way colorscape looks sophisticated and fresh, while also tying in the brick chimney with ease.

7. Lots of Shapes and Texture

Lots of Shapes and Texture

This home pieces together an exciting array of shapes, textures, and embellishments to pull off a charming residential style. The gray metal lap looks amazing with the dark blue roof and white trim – a natural color palette that feels fresh and modern.

Notice how the vertical siding reflects the lines of the picket fence, while the curved fence line also mirrors some of the shapes found in the fascia, front door, and rounded corner. This carry-through makes the entire exterior look cohesive and complete.

8. Refined Ash Gray with White Trim

Refined Ash Gray with White Trim

This home illustrates how color consistency can be used to create refined style. Notice how the ash gray metal siding matches the roofing to a tee. This strong color consistency enables the bold white trim to appear even stronger, to achieve a crisp and elegant aesthetic with serious curb appeal.

9. Smoky Gray and Slate

Smoky Gray and Slate

This beautiful home features a darker shade of gray with a blue undertone. Paired with the navy blue trim and slate gray roofing, the entire ambiance feels mature and striking. This house is a great example of how symmetrical architecture can be embraced with the right color palette.

10. Alternative Trim Color

Alternative Trim Color

Choosing a strong trim color can be a great way to add eye-catching character to a home. This house with gray metal siding gets a boost in style with the russet color trim and garage door. The matching roof and shutters help provide the perfect amount of definition to the design.

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