Granot Loma Dream Log Home Still Up For Sale

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Photo by Helena Jacoba

Picture your dream log home, situated on 415 acres of scenic coastline on Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake. Think about a spacious 26,000 square foot estate with 13 bathrooms, 23 bedrooms, a dairy barn, full-size tennis court and swimming pool, a spacious guest house with four apartments, and servants’ quarters – even a private island and marina.

We’ve just described the world’s largest log home, The Granot Loma, located in Marquette, Michigan, near the northern tip of the state’s peninsula. The property is currently listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and it’s been on the housing market for more than a year now.

In fact, the asking price for Granot Loma recently dropped from its original $40 million, which included 5,000 property acres, to “just” $19.5 million for the 415 acres.

Granot Loma’s Grand History

Master craftsmen and 22 architects constructed the Granot Loma estate over the span of four years beginning in 1919. A 6-foot-thick concrete foundation surrounds the main estate’s steel frame, and features original Oregon pine logs shipped in by rail at the time of construction.

Built in 1923 by Chicago financier Louis G. Kaufman, the current owner, Tom Baldwin, has spent 29 years restoring the property to its former glory, a place movie stars and social elites once frequented many years ago. The lodge had been virtually abandoned for more than 30 years by a couple who inherited the property in 1947.

A place this big provides all the space you’d need to entertain dozens of people at once. The lodge has a total of 50 rooms and includes a commercial kitchen modeled from similar White House designs, an orchard, and a wind turbine that supports temporary power.

Still, for all its comfortable luxury, the Granot Loma has been a difficult sell, with an estimated monthly mortgage of $185,000 and $40,000 in annual property taxes. In addition, maintenance costs required to protect the lodge and its original pine log construction from the northern climate is a significant challenge for the average homeowner.

Designing a Dream Home with TruLog Siding

Fortunately, the price of luxury doesn’t have to be this expensive, for those who want to create a great-looking faux log home that’s both durable and attractive. TruLog’s steel log siding is a superior alternative to traditional log panels that adds value to any home, and it’s made to high-quality design specifications that include:

  • solid 28-gauge galvanized steel siding that resists corrosion
  • one-inch foam insulation backing for increased R-value ratings
  • 30-year limited lifetime warranty

Even if you can’t afford to buy a luxury log cabin lodge like the Granot Loma, TruLog can help you design the perfect accent for a faux log home or structure you’ll be proud to call your own. Call one of our experienced professionals at 970-646-4490 for more information.

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