Give your Vacation Getaway Glamping Appeal with Steel Log Siding

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Relaxing in a wooded sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle does not mean you have to sacrifice the 5-star experience. For glamour campers – or those who prefer glamping to roughing it – certain luxury amenities only heighten the enjoyment of an outdoor weekend getaway. With a log-style cabin sided with TruLog™ steel log siding, your cabin can have natural, authentic appeal without adding wood maintenance items to your to-do list.

Whether you already have a vacation getaway you’d like to update, or are considering what type of cabin to invest in, consider TruLog™ steel log siding. With this heavy gauge steel siding, homes have a log-home look but without the upkeep required of real wood.

Enjoying the Outdoors in Style and Comfort

For glamping aficionados, the joy of an outdoor adventure lies in enjoying a world-class destination complete with the luxury of 5-star amenities. It doesn’t mean planning, packing, unpacking, and setting up a campsite. Why stress and strain over the particulars of camping when you can arrive at a comfortable, rustic destination set in a beautiful location?

Your log-style cabin provides a comfortable dwelling that can serve as a base camp for outdoor adventures. Spend your days in the great outdoors, but come home to running water, bathing, a full kitchen and a cozy space in which to entertain guests or spend time with loved ones. These types of features are what glamping is all about – living life to the fullest without having to sleep on rough ground or worry about being warm enough at night. Embrace the luxury outdoors experience with a rustic cabin sided with durable, hassle-free steel siding.

Leave the Maintenance Behind

A log home complete with fireplace and cozy furniture has the irresistible feel of a mountain getaway. But log homes also come with an obligation to perform routine maintenance so that you can keep the wood free of rot and moisture damage. Oftentimes log-home owners also have to re-seal, re-chink and repaint their cabins. A true lux camping experience means hassle-free, maintenance-free accommodations. The advantages of TruLog™ steel log siding include:

  • No re-sealing, re-staining or repainting for decades
  • No cleaning or washing other than a quick rinse with a garden hose
  • No bug infestations like the ones that can occur in wood
  • No cracking, chipping, peeling or flaking

Though maintenance free, our steel log siding retains the look of real wood with hew lines and realistic chinking lines. It comes in 4 different natural colors so that you can tailor the overall look of your glamping cabin to your style and liking.

To learn more about steel log siding from TruLog™, and to get a free estimate for your project, please call our helpful team at 970-646-4490.

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