Getting Rid of Ticks in the Cabin

There’s no denying that ticks are an absolute pain. If you have a cabin, the last thing that you want is ticks ruining your much-needed vacation time! However, as cabin life is so focused on being outdoors, ticks certainly are something to consider. This article will look at how to remove ticks from inside and outside your cabin.

Clean and wash your cabin thoroughly

If you suspect a tick infestation, the first step is to make sure that everything is clean. Use your vacuum cleaner to extract ticks from your couch, carpets, and around furniture. Once you’ve vacuumed, replace the bag.

You should also wash any clothes, bed linen and any other washable material that you think ticks might have come into contact with. Put the load on the hottest temperature possible.

Use pesticides

Pesticides kill eggs and will help you to get rid of any remaining ticks. You can buy pesticide spray and dust from homeware stores. First, dust your home to get rid of the eggs and larva, and then spray liberally everywhere to get rid of any remaining adult ticks. Make sure that you pay specific attention to areas that ticks may hide in – upholstery, carpets and beds.

If you have any pets that come on vacation with you, you should comb through their fur with a tick spray to ensure they are not infected.

Consider the outdoors

Once you have got rid of any tick infestations inside your cabin, think about how to remote them outdoors. Ticks thrive in leaves and vegetation outdoors, so you can do the following steps to remove their habitation:

  • Mow the lawn frequently.
  • Cut back any foliage, making it as short as possible.
  • Rake back any dead leaves.

You can also use certain pesticides outdoors.

These steps should be enough to help you get rid of a tick infestation in your cabin, but if you have tried everything and are still dealing with the pests, there are professional services in every state.

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