Getting Approval of Log Siding from your HOA

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A log house is a charming place to call home. If you are thinking about siding your home with half-log or full-log and you live in a community with a homeowners association, make sure you aren’t breaking any of the HOA rules or bylaws by changing your home’s exterior. Your HOA likely has protocol for approving such a change.

It’s possible your community will be more willing to approve siding that does not require recurring maintenance, as wood siding does. TruLog™ steel log siding looks like log siding, but requires no maintenance or upkeep. Spend more time enjoying your home instead of performing maintenance. Call us today at 970-646-4490 for an estimate and to get the specs you need to present to your HOA for approval.

Why do I need to get HOA Approval?

Homeowners associations provide tremendous benefits to their communities. They help you preserve the value of your property and they provide amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, and golf courses in some cases. In exchange, you pay monthly or yearly dues and agree to abide by the HOA covenants, conditions and restrictions. Doing so benefits the equity of you and your neighbors’ homes with rules pertaining to anything from what pets you can own to what cars you can have parked in your driveway.

One inconvenience of living with an HOA is that you are limited in which changes you can make to your home’s exterior. If you want to put log siding or steel log siding on your home, go through the proper channels to get your HOA’s approval beforehand.

According to an Angie’s List article, getting approval before beginning your exterior project prevents delays, penalties and other punishments if your siding is in violation of the rules. You don’t want to go through the expense, time and commitment of re-siding your home only to be told you are not allowed to have log siding. If your siding is in violation of your community’s covenants, bylaws or restrictions, the HOA may charge you a fine and demand you take the siding down, which would be additional expense to you.

Tips for getting HOA Approval of Log Siding

Each HOA is a little different. Depending on how your homeowners association is organized, there may be a design committee, architectural control board or other special committee through which you will make your request. To begin the process, do the following:

  • Contact your HOA to find out what the approval process is for requesting to make a change to your home’s exterior.
  • Ask the HOA to email you the approval forms, or ask for the website where you can download the forms.
  • Make copies of any and all forms you complete, and make sure you hold on to them in the event that a dispute or miscommunication occurs during the approval process.
  • Work with the HOA to complete the approval process.

Your HOA may ask you to make a presentation in front of the board, so that they can decide together whether to approve your log siding redesign. If that’s the case, make sure you get all of your ducks in a row before the presentation. The board will probably want to see samples of the siding, and may want documentation about the specs, including color, weight and maintenance requirements.

TruLog™ Steel Log Siding

TruLog™ steel log siding looks like a log home, but is maintenance free. Many HOA communities prefer house siding that does not require a lot of maintenance. As you can see from our testimonials, we can make sure you have the info and samples you need to make a presentation to your HOA board.

To get a free TruLog™ siding estimate, please call us at 970-646-4490. We are based in Loveland, Colorado, and ship our boxed steel siding directly to your construction site.

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