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With summer weather on-order across the country, now is the time to prep your patio, deck, backyard or other outdoor space for entertaining. It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter in some parts of the US, and your space may need a little touching up before you have friends and family over. Consider the tips below.

Prepping the Deck

Typically, deck maintenance should be performed every two years. To begin prepping your deck for summer, you may need to do the following:

  • Look for signs of damage or other problems
  • Remove leaves and other debris
  • Stain and/or seal the wood

Proper upkeep is essential to keeping the wood in good condition, ensuring its longevity for years to come. This maintenance also prevents rotting and warping.

With the time, effort and expense that goes into caring for your deck, you may want to consider a maintenance free option for siding your home. Log houses look great with wood patios, but your home’s logs will also require routine maintenance. TruLog™ has the contours, color and appearance of logs, but is made from durable heavy gauge steel.

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Decorating your outdoor space can be just as important as performing routine maintenance. With decor you create the type of atmosphere and experience you want your guests to enjoy. Consider some of the following ways to get started:

  • Use plants, particularly trees, as a way to create privacy and a natural, woodsy look
  • Carry the color theme of your home down to your patio by selecting accents and furniture of similar colors
  • Use string lights and other types of lighting to create the right ambiance for your guests
  • Use planters to add fresh flowers, plants and greenery to your outdoor space
  • Select outdoor furniture that fits the size of your space

TruLog™ comes in various natural colors. These colors are easily complemented by a wide range of outdoor accents, furnishings and decor.

How is TruLog™ Siding Prepped for the Summer?

TruLog™ requires no upkeep, prepping or maintenance from year to year. The heavy gauge steel stands up to the harshest weather conditions in the winter, and doesn’t fade, peel or warp either, including in the heat of the summer.

You deserve to enjoy the outdoors space you’ve created. A siding option like TruLog™ allows you to have the log-style house of your dreams without the requirement that you spend copious time on maintenance. Enjoy a full summer with less time spent on home upkeep.

A patio or deck is a great accent to any TruLog™ steel log-sided home. To get a free estimate for the cost of our durable faux wood siding, please call our experienced team at 970-646-4490. We are located in Loveland, Colorado, and ship steel siding to areas across the country.

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