Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer Barbecues

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With summer comes backyard barbecues. Is your home and your outdoor space ready to entertain? Get tips below for upping your barbecue game. If you want to create a comfortable setting in which friends and family can gather, then you should consider TruLog™ steel log siding. This faux log siding has the authentic look of real logs, so you can create the ambiance of a log home without the cost and maintenance of a log home.

In addition to cleaning your grill; buying your meats, veggies and sides; and planning and purchasing all your drinks and drink ingredients, preparing your entertainment space will go a long way in creating an evening to remember for your friends, family and other guests.

Prepping Your Entertainment Space

Below are just a few ideas for sprucing up the outdoors space where you will barbecue and entertain your guests.

  • Outdoor furniture: Creating a comfortable dining and entertainment space is important. In the summertime, dining outside is appealing to just about everybody. Choose comfortable furniture or a dining set so your guests will have somewhere to sit. Springing for outdoor furniture can be worth it when your guests don’t have to sit in lawn chairs.
  • Lighting: Whether you like a whimsical style created with tiny lantern lights, a Parisian style with cafe lights or modern bulbs, or another style of light, string lights can really enliven your outdoor barbecue and entertainment space. Lighting creates instant ambiance for as low as $20 a box.
  • Color scheme: You can create the style you want by designing a color scheme. Use your furniture, throw pillows, plants and flowers to carry a few different colors throughout the entire space. Choose the color palette that speaks to you, and your guests will love it too.

Obviously these are just three ideas out of the innumerable. But if you only have so much time, effort and money to invest, then furniture, lighting and the color scheme will provide a lot of value for the resources you have.

How TruLog™ Fits Into Your Goals for Entertainment

TruLog™ is steel log siding. Although it mimics the natural contours, colors and details characteristic to logs, it’s actually made of heavy gauge steel. So how does siding fit into your summer entertainment plans? If you’ve always wished you could have people over to a log home retreat in the summer, but can’t commit to the expense and maintenance of logs, then you may want to consider TruLog™. Our product enables our customers to enjoy the log-home lifestyle, but at a fraction of the cost. This siding requires no maintenance, other than the occasional rinse with your garden hose.

To get a free estimate for how much TruLog™ will cost for the project you have in mind, please call our experienced team at 970-646-4490. Our company is based in Loveland, Colorado; however, we ship TruLog™ orders to construction sites across the country.

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