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What purpose should your home serve? At TruLog, our team believes your home is much more than simply a place to live. Your home should allow you to live the life you want by inspiring you and existing symbiotically with what you do day to day. TruLog accomplishes these goals by letting you have the log-style home of your dreams without requiring copious amounts of time to maintain the siding. Real logs require upkeep about every 2-3 years, which can reduce the time you have to do the things that enrich your life, like spending time with family, hunting, hiking, and the myriad other things you may enjoy.

The Goose Creek Tower in the Alaskan Wilderness

An article published in the online The Creators Project tells the story of Phillip Weidner, a lawyer living in Alaska. Weidner has built his own log cabin in the Alaska wilds, on the Big Susitna River, according to The Creators Project. But Weidner’s log structure is unlike any other: It’s 185 feet tall and is actually 8 cabins stacked on top of one another. Each cabin gets smaller and smaller near the top of the tower.

Weidner hatched the idea and designed the tower without any blueprints or plans, according to the article. Begun as a project to build a 40′ by 40′ cabin, the Tower began to reveal itself in Weidner’s mind when he realized he could stack cabins by placing pillars on top of each structure.

A group known as Great Big Story made a short video documentary about the Goose Creek Tower. You can watch the video here:

A Home in Harmony with Your Lifestyle

“I hope the Goose Creek Tower will inspire other people to do worthwhile things, not just in building, but [with what] they do with their lives,” says Weidner at the closing of the film. We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Your home should agree with what you want to do with your life, not exist in opposition to your lifestyle.

TruLog™ steel log siding is a maintenance-free product, and it mimics the look of real logs. These two features are how TruLog™ allows you to create your own log-style dream home while also providing you with the valuable asset that is your time. Without the need for routine upkeep, you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy and that enrich your life. With logs, a substantial investment of your time is required to care for the logs and replace damaged logs.

TruLog™ is designed for people who want a rustic, log-style exterior that frees them up from the maintenance required of wood logs. To get a free quote for your faux log siding project, please call our experienced team at 970-646-4490. We ship steel log siding from Loveland, Colorado to areas across the country, including cities throughout Alaska.


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