How To Furnish Your Bathrooms Now That Your Home Is Covered In Log Cabin Siding

If you’re interested in our metal log cabin siding, there’s a good chance that you won’t stop decorating once our steel siding that looks like wood is installed. When that exterior is taken care of, some people continue with the outside parts of their property in order to further sell the idea of a log home. Still others move on to the interior, where they usually start with the living room (maybe they took the advice on how to decorate it with tips from this blog).

But most people who are interested in making their regular home look as much like a log home as possible won’t just stop at the exterior or the great room. Many of them continue the theme throughout every room in the house, and that includes the restrooms.

Today we’re going to take some time to address how you can make your bathrooms look even more cabin-like. Bathrooms can certainly benefit from a nice log cabin decor. After all, if someone needs to use the restroom, shouldn’t they be greeted by a bathroom that has the same look as the living area they just left?

The Toilet Paper-Holding Bear

If you’ve spent any time in the west, you’ve probably run across chainsaw bears. Now, these aren’t bears that are holding chainsaws (though that would make a pretty good movie); these are roughly hewn bears that have been created by chainsaw artists. Some of these little guys have been sculpted so that they stand in the bathroom and hold the toilet paper roll. If that’s too much, just buy one to stand in the corner and hold a towel.

Petrified Wood Logs

For a bathroom that has a guest tub or shower, it’s always a good idea to have a place where someone can sit down to take off their shoes and otherwise disrobe. Some people choose a log bench or chair, but another great option is a petrified wood log stool. These logs are made from wood that’s millions of years old and has had its organic cells replaced with different minerals. While we like to say our metal log siding reduces the amount of home maintenance you have to do, these petrified wood stools are so hard that there’s no maintenance at all! Put them beside the shower (or even in it) as a sturdy place for someone to sit while in the bathroom.

Quilt Shower Curtains

As we mentioned in this blog, quilts are big when it comes to decorating a log cabin. But it doesn’t have to stop with the living room, because you can take the quilt look into the bathroom. There are shower curtains that look like quilts, without that “having to worry about it getting wet” problem.


When it comes to log cabin mirrors, there are many directions you can go. If you’re really into the “cowboy” motif, there are those that incorporate bull horns. There are also metal-rimmed mirrors that give the appearance of a wagon wheel. Of course, you can also purchase an antique mirror that has had some of the silver chipped off the back. It all depends on your decorating style and how “old west” you really want it.


You’ll want to provide privacy for whoever is in the bathroom, and that means curtains. The problem is, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to go to JCPenney and find something that looks good in a log cabin, because they’re trying to sell to the 99.9% of people who don’t have log cabins.

At that point you’ll probably want to head online. Sure, you’ll probably want to stay within the earth tone colors of most log cabins. But you might also want to choose one with your favorite mountain animal on them, such as bears, elk, or moose.


Track lighting seldom fits in a log cabin, because it tends to look too modern. In fact, most lighting fixtures that you’ll find at Home Depot or Lowes are going to look out of place in a bathroom that’s trying to look like a log cabin bathroom. Chances are you’ll be looking for something a bit more rustic and metal than usual, so once again you might find yourself looking online for the same reason you went online shopping for curtains.

Some Nice Art

Of course, this will be a matter of personal preference. Will you simply put up mountain pictures, either photos or paintings? Or will you once again choose a favorite animal so that the art matches the curtains? One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to put pictures of people in the bathroom; nobody likes to be stared at while they’re in there. (Even the toilet paper bear might make them uncomfortable!)

Wood Walls

If you’re going all out and remodeling your master bath, why not make the inside of the walls look like the outside (now that you have exterior siding that looks like wood). Instead of relying on drywall, install exposed wood panels that give your bathroom the look of a sauna. Put in some hardwood floors as well. If you have a boring old plastic bathtub, cover the sides in real wood paneling. You can even build a wood step that helps people get in and out of the tub.

Of course, if you have a bath that you’re really proud of, you don’t want to hide it…

Clawfoot Tub

It seems that clawfoot bathtubs can look good in just about any bathroom. Ultra modern? Clawfoot tub. Retro? Clawfoot tub. Log cabin? Yes, clawfoot tub!

The Accoutrement

There’s no doubt that there are thousands of items you’ll find that would work well in your newly-decorated bathroom. There are bear soap dispensers, rugged towel racks, deer nightlights, and moose-embroidered towels (those are towels with moose on them, not towels embroidered by a moose). Take your time finding exactly what you need; with so many choices, you don’t want to jump the gun and buy the first “welcome to our cabin bathroom” rug you see.

Well, that’s the bathroom. There are quite a few rooms to go, so join us next time when we take a look at how you can make your interior look more like a log cabin now that you’ve invested in faux log siding from TruLog!



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