Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoors Once Your Log Home Siding Is Installed

Over the last couple of weeks we told you some of the best upgrades you can make to your home in order to make it look even more amazing after your log home siding is installed. We discussed the benefits of porches, decks, metal roofs, and a myriad of ways you can make your new metal siding panels match your garage door.

All of those options are actually part of your home or just outside, but your property isn’t just the house. Here are some options for other parts of your property that can make it match the steel log siding and give it everything a more cabin-y feel.

Detached Garage

If you have an attached garage, you’ll be taking care of the non-door area at the same time you cover your house with our log siding. But if you have a detached garage, why not have it match the house by covering it with the same siding at the same time? It will really make your property look even classier when the two main buildings match.


There are all sorts of outbuildings that can be covered in faux log siding in order to make it match the main house. These include workshops, treehouses and clubhouses, and any other building that you might have on your property (pretty much anything other than a greenhouse!).

Fire Pits

We debated on whether to put this one in a previous blog with the decks or keep it down here with other parts of the property, and it landed here. Having a fire pit is a lot of fun and a great way to make the most of cool spring and fall nights and let’s be honest, how good would the best gas cooktops look next to a fire pit? Also, because you’ve covered your home with steel log siding instead of actual wood, the chances that ashes from your fire pit will fall on your home and cause a fire are significantly diminished!

Stamped Concrete Patios and Walkways

What they’re doing with stamped concrete these days is amazing. Just take a look at how stamped concrete can actually look like wooden planks. This is a great way to create a patio or a walkway in order to further sell the idea that you’re all about the wood (while having the advantages that steel metal siding gives you).

Log Cabin Mailbox

Okay, these really are adorable. Sure, people will take a look at your home from the road and think it’s a real log home, but what’s going to turn their heads in the first place? A log home mailbox! You can buy them on the internet or make one of your own if you’re handy. Wouldn’t it make an amazing Christmas or birthday gift for your spouse during the first year after you’ve installed metal siding that looks like wood?

When you use your imagination, your entire property can take on the look and feel that perfectly complements your home covered in metal log siding. Have any other ideas of how to make your property look its best? Contact us right here!

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