A-Frame Log Cabins and Homes

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The A-frame architectural style is so popular and so well-suited for log homes that you may think the design—like log cabins themselves—has been in use for centuries. When it comes to its use in home structures, however, the A-frame is relatively young; but that doesn’t mean it lacks a storied history.

If you’re considering building or renovating an A-frame home and desire the look of a natural log exterior without the associated costs and maintenance concerns, give TruLog™ a call at 970-646-4490 to discuss your project or request a sample. TruLog is an innovative steel siding system that replicates the contours, colors and texture of authentic logs but with greater durability, improved energy efficiency, and a maintenance-free coating.

Grade A-Frame

The A-frame style as a utilitarian structure has been in use for thousands of years. Varying forms of ancient A-frame-type huts have been found in China, Europe and the islands of the South Pacific.

In addition to providing basic shelters, the A-frame has also long been employed as a basic weight-bearing structure by woodworkers, carpenters and other craftsmen. The sawhorse—a term that dates to the 1700s—is an early refinement of the A-frame design.

The most elemental form of an A-frame consists of two beams of the same size, which stand at an approximately 45-degree angle and are attached at the top, thus providing the outline of an “A.” A crossbeam may be used near the base of the legs to prevent them from bowing, and further enhancing their namesake “A.” These sets of legs are then aligned at the desired distance for stability.

Thanks to the simplicity and sturdiness of its design, the A-frame would go on to be used in tents, ladders, bridges and boats. And eventually log homes large and small.

The A-Frame Explosion

The A-frame structure was used sparingly in houses until the 1950s when Andrew Geller and other architects began applying the design to vacation getaways. With the post-war boom on, the simple structures were a hit.

A-frame homes were constructed by the thousands. The design also caught on with an eclectic mix of restaurants, resorts, churches, and other businesses and organizations. The demand for trendy and cost-effective A-frame-style houses was so great that by the 1960s, Macy’s was selling prefabricated home kits.

Although the A-frame tide began to ebb in the 1970s, the design has continued to evolve, and it remains popular in log homes. Today, many log homes use the A-frame as a prominent feature as opposed to the basis for the entire house. A home’s main living area, for example, may feature an A-frame that tapers into a more traditional structure.

The versatile, maintenance-free TruLog system is a perfect fit for many A-frame structures. To learn more or request a sample, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states including Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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