Forest Service to Remove Log Cabin Built by Backcountry Skiers

snow cabin photo A select group of backcountry recreationalists in Aspen have been fortunate enough to be let in on the secret of a cabin hidden in the woods, where anyone can take a break and rest their feet. But a recent article in the Aspen Times says the US Forest Service has declared that the cabin is off limits, and that its days may be numbered as the Forest Service pursues demolition of the structure.

Potential Cabin Demolition

The Aspen Times says the cabin was built in 1984. It’s located on Burnt Mountain, but is not in an area that Skico uses, although it is located in the Aspen Skiing Company’s permit area. The Forest Service says the cabin was built without the agency’s permission. The agency recently removed a portion of the cabin’s roof, citing the presence of asbestos. Next steps include a review period during which the US Forest Service will consider whether to demolish the structure. During this time the public will have an opportunity to comment on the possibility of a demolition.

A Place to Warm Up, Rest and Recharge

The Aspen Times article discusses that the people who created the cabin simply wanted somewhere that anyone in the area could sit down, have a snack, rest and relax during their Colorado adventures. Many people have a strong emotional attachment to the cabin, and only time will tell how that emotional attachment will influence the Forest Service’s final decision.

Log cabins have long been sources of refuge. Cabins have been used for hunting excursions, weekend getaways, extended retreats from the city and sometimes as year-round homes in the forest. If you have a log cabin or have stayed in someone’s log cabin, you probably have your own feelings about what makes these dwellings special to you. But for many of us, the log home is special and stands apart from other types of structures because of its value as a refuge.

Ensuring Your Cabin will last for Generations

Whether you want to build a large home, a small dwelling or another type of log-built structure, you should consider TruLog™ steel log siding as a maintenance-free, worry free option. Made from American-manufactured heavy gauge steel, TruLog™ won’t rust, corrode, rot, fade or chalk, and we provide a limited lifetime warranty for many of these events. While log homes are certainly the traditional choice, today’s homeowner understands the rigid requirements of wood. Every 2-3 years, you’ll have to perform routine maintenance, which may include repainting, re-sealing and replacing damaged logs. TruLog™ has none of these requirements. Just like the backcountry cabin near Aspen, you can have your own warming refuge, but without any maintenance required other than an occasional rinse with the hose.

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