Fired NFL Coach Builds Log Cabin

football american photo The list of people who have been recently fired from coaching positions in the NFL seems to grow longer by the day. Five different NFL teams have hired new coaches recently. New York’s Buffalo Bills are now coached by Sean McDermott of Carolina Panthers fame. Vance Joseph, of the Miami Dolphins, is now the Denver Broncos’ coach. The Jacksonville Jaguars hired their interim coach, Doug Marrone, and the Los Angeles Rams chose Sean McVay, making him the youngest head coach in NFL history at age 31. The San Diego chargers selected Anthony Lynn, previously offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. And of course, the San Francisco 49ers landed the highly sought after Kyle Shanahan and first time GM John Lynch after firing Chip Kelly earlier in January.

Many ex-head coaches are probably disappointed to be out of the game right now, but Mike Pettine, let go about a year ago by the Cleveland Browns, is making the best of his situation.

Out with football, in with log cabins

Pettine served as head coach of the Cleveland Browns for just twenty days shy of two years. Previously, he had been OLB coach of the Baltimore Ravens, and defensive coordinator of the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. Out of the 21 games that Pettine coached the Cleveland Browns through, 18 were losses — weak numbers that ultimately led to his replacement by Hue Jackson.

But football doesn’t need to be Pettine’s chief concern anymore — nowadays, he’s more focused on paint swatches and cabinet handles.

Apparently, being let go by the Cleveland Browns didn’t ruin Ohio for the ex-head coach, because he immediately turned around and purchased a small log cabin on a 300-acre plot near Ohio’s beautiful Sandusky Bay. Although his original plan was to renovate the cabin, getting the building up to code spiraled into a daunting task, so Pettine decided to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch.

A rustic setting for relaxation

Pettine reports that taking a year off from football ended up being a great decision. Not only was he glad to have a fun, cozy summer home where he could spend time with his kids, but he even discovered a talent for interior design! Pettine plans to return to an NFL sideline, but enjoyed taking a year off to unwind.

Hopefully other recently fired coaches can look to Pettine’s example for how to relax now that the weight of the “head coach” title is off their shoulders!

Putting your own home design skills to work on a log cabin home could be the key to relaxation for more than just ex-NFL head coaches! TruLog steel siding gives your home that log cabin touch affordably and maintenance-free. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your log cabin dreams come true!

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