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Considered one of the most destructive events that can occur on your property, home fires are not only scary but at the very least can lead to expensive repairs and remodels. House fires can occur for a number of reasons, many of which are preventable, and though homeowners can’t necessarily stop a raging wildfire in their community, there are ways to bolster your exterior in order to reduce damage as much as possible.

Preventing fires inside buildings is not exactly an unfamiliar subject, with the majority of homeowners already having early detection systems (smoke alarms) in place and perhaps a few fire extinguishers in their house, garage, and shop. However, far too many homes have exteriors that either provide poor protection against fires or are clad in materials that could even exacerbate high temperatures, causing a heat spot to actually ignite.

The exterior of your home isn’t just there to make your house look beautiful, but rather should be considered your first line of defense against a fire. Fire-resistance should be a top deciding factor when searching for new siding for your home, particularly if you live in a rural region where wildfires are a very real possibility.

TruLog Steel Design

There are few, if any, commonly available home siding materials that are as non-combustible and protective as steel siding.

Steel siding is capable of withstanding incredibly high temperatures and even direct flame contact for an impressive amount of time before losing strength. TruLog log siding is made of 28 gauge thick steel and when installed offers complete protection. Even the built-in chink lines will still have steel behind the chinking, which is important in the event of the chinking failing during a fire.

TruLog is designed with a styrofoam backer, which is covered by the steel siding to protect it from high-heat and flame as well. This foam backing helps give the TruLog siding better impact-resistance, which can also play a role in reducing the damage of a fire by helping prevent the siding from cracking and thus exposing the flammable interior.

TruLog vs Timber

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There is little doubt that a log home is a sight to behold. These real timber homes are classically attractive, welcoming, and charming in their own way. Rural homes are often clad in real wood as it blends in so naturally with the environment. Unfortunately, wood is not an ideal material to have on your home in the event of a fire.

Wood is clearly a combustible material, not able to resist high-heat or flame contact for long. Wood is also going to exacerbate a fire, potentially causing far more destruction to the home than what would have happened with steel. Another thing you must consider if you’re tempted to get real wood is that the paint, sealant and other surface treatments required may be accelerants.

Timber is high-maintenance and most homeowners are aware that this maintenance includes the regular application of surface treatments, like paint. What homeowners may not realize is that these chemicals can actually ignite when exposed to high-heat, thereby causing a fire to actually start. Once this occurs a fire can spread devastatingly fast as the surface treatment combusts along the exterior.

TruLog has a convincingly realistic wood texture and none of the characteristic weaknesses of wood. Being able to still get your timber log home look, but with superior protection against a fire is clearly a win-win for homeowners.

Inherently Resilient

Steel is naturally resistant to fire. Even in a weakened state steel won’t melt. More importantly, steel is fairly neutral in the sense that it isn’t going to exacerbate a fire or cause a hot spot to turn into a fire. For example, vinyl siding may develop a hot spot, begin to melt, and eventually combust, causing a house fire to occur. This same situation is essentially impossible with steel.

Going back to the comparison of a real timber log home, real wood is not natural fire resistant. Homes clad in real wood pose a potentially very serious risk when it comes to high heat and flames. Many homeowners with wood siding end up treating their home with flame-retardant chemicals, which is not only questionable when it comes to environmental health, but just adds more to the to-do list of already high-maintenance timber.

Worry-Free Safe Log Home

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In the event of an accidental fire or if you’ve just been put on watch for a nearby wildfire, as a homeowner you will find that the peace of mind knowing your home is properly clad in fire-resistant materials goes a long way. Not only will TruLog siding provide superior protection in a fire compared to alternative materials, but it also is overall a low-maintenance, beautiful material. TruLog will not just protect your home against fires, but also against harsh storms, hail, high winds, and the most extreme temperature swings.

If you’re preparing to side a newly built house or are looking to reside your existing home with a high-performance material, TruLog siding is a very rewarding route to go.

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