Farmhouse Floor Plans: Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Design

Farmhouses have long been synonymous with informal and charming living spaces that are as functional as they are livable. The modern farmhouse is a descendent of the original buildings created in Germany and Scandinavia for use on working farms. These highly functional buildings were meant to be attractive and comfortable for large families and to complement the working aspects of farm life. 

Technically, the farmhouse can be considered any type of home built on farmland, but over the years, the farmhouse style has evolved into one type of design with small variations for style, location, and personal use. The term Modern Farmhouse was first coined in 2016, and has come to mean any original farmhouse style that has been updated for more modern conveniences, along with some up-to-date designs and materials. 

There are several different things that go into making the modern farmhouse come to life, from the materials to the layout. Farmhouse floor plans tend to be simple and open, designed for living and working in the space, and able to accommodate large groups of people at one time. By paying attention to several of these small details, you can ensure a successful farmhouse build.

Basic Layout and Proportions

The traditional farmhouse layout is a large, rectangular building. Farmhouses are often designed for big families or to hold gatherings of all the farm workers, so the basic footprint of the home is usually large, and spread out. They may be one or two stories in height, and they may have attached or detached garages, depending on the layout of the property.

Every farmhouse layout includes a wide front porch as part of the design. This is built right into the footprint, and is integral to the farmhouse style.

The modern farmhouse is often white, and in true keeping with the farmhouse style, many modern farmhouses also use durable, low-maintenance materials on the exterior to help maintain the upkeep of the property. White, steel board and batten siding is one material that can help complete the modern farmhouse look, while also keeping the required maintenance down. 

Interior Farmhouse Floor Plans

The heart and soul of any farmhouse interior is the large, open layout kitchen. The kitchen is where most of the farmhouse living is done, and it’s meant to accommodate a crowd as well as any type of activity from canning and cooking to baking and eating. This is the center of the home design; most of the eating and entertaining starts in this area. The kitchen itself opens up right into the living room, and may also open onto a more formal dining area nearby as well. 

Each of the interior rooms is wide and comfortable. You want space within the farmhouse to be able to spread out, which is why the open floor plan is often so successful. Having one room open up onto the next, either with no doorways or definition or with wide doors, can help achieve the right appearance. 

Sliding doors, pocket doors, and French doors are all very common as part of the design, as it can help offer some privacy as needed, while keeping the overall appearance of the rooms to be open and airy. 

Complementing this layout should be lots of natural, durable materials such as hardwood floors, cottage-style wall panels, and high ceilings. Lots of natural light is also important, given the size and scope of the rooms. 

The most important things to keep in mind when designing a farmhouse floor plan is to keep it simple. Farmhouses are not decorative showplaces, they are comfortable and livable, while also being open, airy, and able to accommodate anyone who stops by. 

Bedrooms and Private Areas

Bedrooms and other private areas are generally located either upstairs or at the back of the house. The proportions of these rooms are also large and open, with plenty of space to move around the furniture. 

Bathrooms are also large, usually able to accommodate a stand alone tub as well as a shower. It’s common for the bathrooms to open up right off of a bedroom or to be positioned where they can be easily reached by several rooms at a time to make them as accessible as possible. 

Hallways are usually wide as well, with wide doors opening up into each of the rooms. Some more modern farmhouses may also include large, walk-in style closets and sitting rooms attached to the master bedroom suite. 

Create Your Ideal Farmhouse Design

Modern farmhouses are much beloved for their adherence to the same things that brought the original farmhouse to life – their simplicity, charm, open floor plans, and their ability to accommodate big groups of people for both working and living. Stick to these attributes when planning on your modern farmhouse design to capture the look, style, and history of the farmhouse for your project. 

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