5 Farmhouse Lap Siding Ideas for a Modern Home

5 Farmhouse Lap Siding Ideas for a Modern Home

Farmhouse lap siding is not just trending — it’s a modern reinvention based on a timeless design. What does this mean for modern farmhouse lap siding? It’s certainly not going anywhere, it’s here to stay.

Homeowners have a lot of exciting designs and colors to choose from when dreaming up their own take on the modern farmhouse style — a farmhouse with wooden lap siding isn’t the only option anymore! Architects are now mixing and matching different components and experimenting with color in a way that makes the modern farmhouse trend truly expansive. Homeowners can find different styles that suit their tastes without worrying about their home looking just like everyone else’s.

Nonetheless, having a bit of design inspiration to get the gears moving can help determine what they like (and what they don’t like) about this trendy style. 

Let’s take a look at five farmhouse lap siding ideas that bring this timeless exterior into the 21st century with fresh flair!

1. White Board and Batten

Board and batten siding, also referred to as farmhouse lap, capitalizes on a vertical paneling layout that elongates the look of the structure and creates height. The thin battens also serve another great design purpose — they create shadow lines, which add texture and depth to the exterior. This makes an otherwise subdued color, like white, feel more interesting and captivating. Paired with a bold, contrasting trim color, like black, white board and batten creates an excellent modern farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Lap Siding

2. Combo: Lap with Board and Batten

Looking for another fresh take on classic lap and board and batten styles? Try combining these two layouts to create a dynamic display of texture that still feels timeless. The combination of lap siding with board and batten siding on a farmhouse generates architectural energy, but the linear quality of these two styles keeps the overall composure looking modern and clean.

Light Grey Lap Farmhouse Lap Siding

3. Light Grey Lap

You can’t get any more modern than grey tones, and light grey lap is a fantastic way to keep a natural look while also expressing a modern edge. Light grey lap also does wonders for modern farmhouses in the texture department, as you can see intricate wood grain patterning much easier on light grey than you can on dark exterior colors. Neutral colors make the best trim partners with light grey, so stick with white, brown or beige for complementing light grey farmhouse lap siding.

Light Brown Board and Batten

4. Light Brown Board and Batten

Speaking of light-colored neutrals, light brown farmhouse lap siding is another great choice that blends modern design components with timeless farmhouse details. Light colors can help emphasize the shadow lines created by board and batten, adding sophisticated and linear texture to the exterior. Pine, cedar, and sable are all good color tones to use. Remember that you don’t have to rely on natural wood — there are plenty of products made from stronger materials, like steel, that offer these classic wood-look colors.

Weathered Grey Board and Batten

5. Weathered Grey Board and Batten

Weathered grey board and batten is an attractive design for homeowners who value a natural aesthetic. Weathered grey has an accentuated wood grain pattern with darker streaks that emphasize visual texture. It continues to be a favorite among designers who specialize in modern farmhouse lap siding, and it pairs particularly well with other natural components, like stone foundations and slate features.

Steel Lap: The Best Material for Modern Homes

No matter which modern farmhouse lap siding style catches your eye, it’s important to remember that all of these attractive designs can be achieved with a smarter, more durable siding material that outperforms wood in every way. If you haven’t considered wood-look steel siding, now is the time to get familiar with this long-lasting alternative.

Farmhouses built with real wooden lap siding require an incredible amount of upkeep, simply due to the natural qualities of raw timber. Wood lap is susceptible to water damage, sun damage, fire, and insect infestation. Its biodegradability means that surface chips and scratches are common. All of these risks mean that homeowners will have a lot of routine upkeep — like painting, caulking, etc. — to commit to in order for their wooden farmhouse lap siding to stay strong and attractive.

Steel lap siding, on the other hand, achieves the same brilliance and character of natural wood, yet its strength makes it incredibly more reliable. Steel lap can even capture natural-looking wood grain patterns! Add in the enhanced durability, moisture-resistance, fire-resistance, and longevity of steel, and it’s easy to see why it’s the best option for modern farmhouse styles.

Homeowners who value long-lasting, maintenance-free materials that excel in aesthetics will find it easy to switch from natural wood siding to wood-look steel. Download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today to explore these modern farmhouse siding styles and more!

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