16 Amazing Farmhouse Floor Plans

Considering different farmhouse floor plans before building is an essential part of the process. In many ways, a floor plan can dictate how and where you spend your time, so getting it right from the get-go is key.

From old and rustic farmhouse floor plans that make a connection with the past to modern farmhouse open floor plans that prioritize gatherings and family life, there’s a layout on this list for everyone!

Fresh Farmhouse Styles with Modern Amenities

Unlike old farmhouse floor plans from the 1800s, modern farmhouses typically offer a more intuitive layout. Where division was key in older plans, modern farmhouse floor plans tend to focus on open, shared space that supports a dynamic day. From kitchen to lounge to dining areas, modern farmhouses try to harmonize practicality and style – without losing the farmhouse feel.

Single Story Farmhouse Floor Plans

Single story designs generally fall into two categories: simple, small farmhouse floor plans and sprawling ranch farmhouse floor plans. Take a look!

1. 1 Story, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

Simplicity is perfected with small farmhouse floor plans that feature all the essentials without any wasted space. The bedroom is ideally situated next to the bath, and the open floor plan of the kitchen and living room provides plenty of potential to arrange furniture as you see fit.

2. 1 Story, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

Common space is centralized in this modern farmhouse floor plan, offering an open, eat-in kitchen and ample living room quarters. Leading out to a large porch, this design packs a lot of essentials into a relatively small space.

3. 1 Story, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

A master bath is quietly tucked away in this three bedroom home, while an open kitchen and living area provide plenty of space for family gatherings. The beautiful thing about this modern farmhouse floor plan is that it achieves architectural symmetry on the outside, to create a classic look.

4. 1 Story, 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

This farmhouse floor plan is ideal for hosting guests and overnight visitors with four bedrooms and four private bathrooms. The layout is mirrored, which allows the bedrooms to feel private while also providing plenty of shared common space to mingle and share memories. A lovely porch area is set just behind the kitchen, giving a great natural setting for morning coffee or outdoor meals.

5. 1 Story, 5 Bedroom, 5 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

Ranch farmhouse floor plans are great for creating private spaces that accommodate many people within the home. This single story home has five bedrooms and five baths connected by a long hallway down the center. Ideal for large families who like to have their own space, this layout is a classic.

6. 1 Story, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath Open Farmhouse Floor Plans

Maximizing shared space, open farmhouse floor plans are excellent for families and groups who like to bond together over kitchen prep, meals, and free time.

7. 1 Story, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Wrap-Around Porch

Anticipate spending a lot of time outdoors? A floor plan with a wraparound porch is perfect for laidback living on the farm. This layout reduces the number of bedrooms to yield more porch space – an easy swap for those who love to hang out on the porch.

Two Story Farmhouse Floor Plans

For large families or folks who like to host visiting guests, two story farmhouse floor plans provide plenty more space and privacy – not to mention a more classic farmhouse look, architecturally. Take a look!

8. 2 Story, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans

Quite simple in design, this is one of those small farmhouse floor plans that has everything you need and nothing more. The kitchen, dining, and living room are ideally located on the ground floor, with the bedrooms tucked upstairs. Plus, a bathroom on both floors boosts convenience.

9. 2 Story Log Cabin Floor Plans with Wrap-Around Porch

The ground floor is made for socializing in two story farmhouse floor plans like this one, as a generous living room, open plan, and wraparound porch provide plenty of room for hanging out with family and friends.

Nonetheless, the second floor features a family room, too – ideal for sending kiddos up to play or creating a mini library or game room for gathering at night.

10. 2 Story, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Wrap-Around Porch and Basement

With an additional basement, this farmhouse gets bonus points for practicality and maximizing space. An extra bed and bath complement the basement to make room for a growing family or visiting guests.

Plus, the bedrooms are easily accessible, while a small family room suggests more time will be spent outdoors.

11. 2 Story, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Loft

Having an extra loft area is awesome for creative folks who want a studio, workshop, storage, or even an extra bedroom. Modern farmhouse floor plans like this one offer great privacy and plenty of common space.

12. 2 Story, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Walkout Basement

A walkout basement can be a game changer for modern farmhouse floor plans that aim to connect to the surrounding landscape and make it easy to transition between time spent indoors and outdoors.

13. 2 Story, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Wrap-Around Porch, Basement, and Garage

A wraparound porch, basement, and garage – this luxe living space has it all! Plus, a terrace on the second floor provides an awesome way to get fresh air without leaving the house.

In addition, the basement features two bedrooms and a bath, providing plenty of privacy for visiting guests.

14. 2 Story, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Farmhouse Floor Plans with Basement and Garage

This layout is quite compact, which allows it to pack in the amenities, like upstairs bedrooms, open space, and a fully-finished basement ready to host guests.

While this home has plenty of bedrooms, it doesn’t have as much common space for gathering, which means it’s ideal for families who like to spend the majority of their time outdoors.

15. 2 Story, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Fireplace

With a balcony, en-suite setup, and walk-in closet, the master bedroom on this farmhouse is made for luxe modern living.

In addition, the fireplace is an awesome feature – one that’s common for modern farmhouse floor plans.

16. 2 Story, 6 Bedroom, 7 Bath Farmhouse Floor Plans with Basement

The more the merrier – modern farmhouse floor plans with plenty of space are ideal for throwing parties and family gatherings around the holidays. This layout leaves the entire basement open, besides the utility room and bath, so you can get creative and use it as you would like.

Another unique feature on this floor plan is the double porch design. A covered porch at either end of the open kitchen and living room provides guests with every advantage of stepping outside and enjoying the view.

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