17 Farmhouse Decor Style Ideas Achieve the Farmhouse Look Inside and Out

17 Farmhouse Style & Decor Ideas for Your Home

The farmhouse style generates a feeling of familiarity and coziness — that is, when it’s done right! Since there are many elements included in farmhouse style decor, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with a cluttered mess. Avoid that trap by following a few general guidelines for decorating in the farmhouse style, and transform your home into a beautiful, welcoming space!

What exactly is farmhouse style? This unique decorating style features an eclectic mix of decor with a soothing palette, board and batten siding, natural textures, and practical design elements. The end result should feel both comfortable and fresh.

Need some farmhouse decor ideas for your home? Take a look at this list of 17 decorating ideas to get the farmhouse look:

1. Avoid Bright Colors

Sorry, but fuschia, lime, orange, and pink are ruled out when it comes to the farmhouse style. Even primary colors — like red and blue — should be used sparingly. If you must have a bit of bright color, use it as an accent only, such as a red kettle in the kitchen or a green vase on the table.

Avoid Bright Colors - Farmhouse Decor Ideas

2. Explore the Depths of Beige

Instead of going with bright colors, start exploring the depths of beige and other neutrals. Once you start experimenting with neutral tones, you’ll find that there’s plenty of nuance to get a distinct palette that you love. Try mixing and matching several neutrals in the same color family to create dimension in your farmhouse style decor.

Explore the Depths of Beige

3. Use White Trim as an Equalizer

White is an excellent color to use as trim, because it has a way of pulling all other neutral tones together. Consider painting baseboards, doorways, and fascia a crisp white color to get an authentic farmhouse look.

Use White Trim as an Equalizer - Farmhouse Decor Ideas

4. Vintage-Inspired Light Fixtures

Both on the interior and exterior, light fixtures can play a big role in the overall style. Look for vintage-style light fixtures that blend with your farmhouse decor. Black metal fixtures with a minimalist design are an excellent choice. Edison bulbs also look the part when decorating in the farmhouse style aesthetic. And there’s nothing like a great lantern fixture to go with a farmhouse.

Vintage-Inspired Light Fixtures

5. Sliding Barn Doors

A sliding barn door is an awesome feature within any home! These doors are increasingly popular in all kinds of homes, but truly they belong to the classic farmhouse. While often seen as full-size doors for rooms and closets, they can also be utilized on cabinetry in the kitchen and elsewhere.

Sliding Barn Doors - Farmhouse Decor Ideas

6. Black Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a fantastic pick for organizational elements within a farmhouse home, because they convey that rugged look without looking old. Crisp black metal is best to keep a fresh, modern appeal. Plus, these baskets are practical, too! Use them to organize dish towels, books, or other everyday items.

Black Wire Baskets

7. Burlap as an Accent

Burlap is back, and it’s an excellent texture that exudes the modern farmhouse look. Use burlap as an accent when decorating bedrooms or common spaces.

Burlap as an Accent

8. Beadboard Inside and Out

When it comes to the walls, beadboard is also a good bet for getting an authentic farmhouse style in your home. Beadboard adds a nice, subtle amount of texture, and it can be used both inside the home and outside on patio ceilings.

Beadboard Inside and Out

9. Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is an excellent choice for expressing the farmhouse style on the home’s exterior. It brings a unique perspective and generates an authentic feel that fits right in with the farmhouse aesthetic. Opt for steel board and batten siding, such as TruLog board and batten siding, rather than wood. Although the historic material, wood is both challenging and costly to maintain. Additionally, steel board and batten siding from TruLog is fire-resistant and easy to install.

Board and Batten Siding - Farmhouse Decor Ideas

10. Vintage Textiles in Soothing Tones

Cream and white textiles with basic designs are perfect for creating the farmhouse style. Choose those that have a simple woven stripe or vintage pattern to capture the familiar feel of well-worn textiles.

11. Don’t Be Afraid of DIY

There are tons of farmhouse ideas for DIY projects out there! Instead of ordering all your decor pieces online or grabbing them off the shelf, roll up your sleeves and get a bit messy by making your own farmhouse decor. It puts a unique, personal touch on the decor that can’t be beaten!

Don’t Be Afraid of DIY

12. Reclaimed Glass Pieces

Vintage glass jars — particularly Ball jars — are a perfect addition to farmhouse style decor. Reclaimed glass pieces can be used as flower vases or candle holders.

Reclaimed Glass Pieces

13. Brick Fireplace

Natural elements like brick are always a welcome part of farmhouse style decor. A brick fireplace can be a classic focal point for the living room. Painting it white can help keep the charm while blending better with surrounding farmhouse decor.

Brick Fireplace - Farmhouse Decor Ideas

14. Mix Old and New Decor

One of the most beneficial parts of sticking to this aesthetic style is that it affords so much creativity. When searching for farmhouse ideas, remember that you don’t have to rule anything out right away. Mixing old decor with new decor is a common theme within the farmhouse style.

Mix Old and New Decor

15. Feature Distressed Paint on Furniture

No need to practice a steady hand when painting old furniture! In fact, the distressed paint style is a staple of farmhouse style furniture. Some decorators actually recreate the distressed finish intentionally by painting with a rag or sponge instead of a paintbrush.

16. Vintage Metal Signs

Metal signs can also add a rustic touch to farmhouse decor. Be sure to choose signs that don’t have any signs of rust.

Vintage Metal Signs

17. Lush Porch Hangout Space

Finally, can a home really feel like a farmhouse oasis if it doesn’t have a pleasant porch to hang out on? Adding this feature is a wonderful way to boost the coziness of your farmhouse style home. There’s a reason why the wrap-around porch is always mentioned in literature.

Lush Porch Hangout Space

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