A Better Alternative to Vinyl Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding

Farmhouse Board and Batten Vinyl Siding: Better Alternatives

The modern farmhouse aesthetic capitalizes on familiar styles with cutting-edge design details. One of the keys to pulling off this trendy look is to choose the right siding. Instead of going with a standard choice, like farmhouse board and batten vinyl siding, homeowners can take advantage of more durable materials that offer better performance.

Farmhouse board and batten should be sleek, durable, energy efficient, and available in a wide range of attractive colors. Steel serves as the perfect material for achieving a clean, farmhouse aesthetic that’s also backed by impeccable performance.

3 Reasons Why Steel Siding Outperforms Vinyl

When comparing the two materials, it is clear that steel is a better choice for farmhouse board and batten than vinyl.

Let’s take a look at the three main areas where steel outshines vinyl:

1. Vinyl Lacks Authentic Look

Vinyl is a commonplace material that can be easily identified at a glance. It is widely used, so most people can spot vinyl from a mile away. Though farmhouse board and batten can be fabricated from vinyl, it often lacks the authentic look that is central to the farmhouse aesthetic. Farmhouse charm is all about rustic materials presented in a clean, refreshing way. Vinyl is a form of plastic, and it doesn’t always reflect the alluring quality expected of the farmhouse aesthetic.

Steel is a much better material for capturing the authentic charm of the farmhouse style. Make no mistake — steel siding doesn’t appear ‘metallic,’ as some people would imagine. Steel siding manufacturers have made massive strides in their product designs, and many steel siding options resemble real timber with natural-looking wood grain patterns in a full spectrum of colors. Farmhouse board and batten is no different when it comes to steel. Steel board and batten is much better at capturing the rustic-chic allure of the farmhouse style than vinyl.

Vinyl Lacks Authentic Look

2. Steel Lasts Longer

Another advantage of steel board and batten over vinyl board and batten is that it lasts much longer. Steel is an incredibly durable material that can stand up to all sorts of threats from the elements, and this enhanced durability is what allows it to outperform other siding materials, like vinyl.

Vinyl can show cracking, color fading, sagging, and other signs of wear and tear from exposure to heat and moisture, but steel siding is designed to be weather- resistant. Mold, mildew, and moisture won’t eat away at steel the way it will with vinyl. In addition, color fading isn’t an issue with steel board and batten, as the finished surface is designed to maintain its color consistency without showing signs of sun damage.

Another point of concern for vinyl is that it is highly flammable. When a fire breaks out, vinyl farmhouse siding can go up in flames quickly, spreading throughout the home in a blaze. Steel, on the other hand, does not have the same flammability of vinyl board and batten, which means fires won’t spread nearly as quickly, or do as much devastating damage. This resistance to fire can bring additional peace of mind while knowing that your home is protected year after year.

Steel Lasts Longer

Steel board and batten has a Class 4 Impact Rating and a Class A Fire Rating, and it provides the durability that an exterior needs, both in terms of structural performance and aesthetic appearance.

3. Get Better Value with Steel Board and Batten

Vinyl may look fine at first, but damage and repairs are inevitable with this common siding material. All in all, steel board and batten offers better value for homes than vinyl. Much of this value comes down to the durability and long-lasting performance of steel siding.

Though homeowners may be able to find farmhouse board and batten vinyl siding at an affordable price initially, the maintenance, repairs, and replacements needed to maintain vinyl siding damage can add up over the years. Investing in a stronger material up front — one that doesn’t require heavy maintenance — can save homeowners time, money, and effort in the long run. Steel board and batten provides peace of mind and long-term value.

Best Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding Provider

Steel board and batten is an excellent siding choice for homeowners who want the beauty of the farmhouse style without compromising on performance. TruLog offers maintenance-free steel siding that captures all the rustic charm of authentic wood. With various wood grain patterning, colors, and textures to choose from, TruLog makes it easy to find a fantastic steel siding choice that will complete your home’s farmhouse aesthetic.

Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide today to explore an impressive range of farmhouse board and batten siding styles and colors!

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