Fall Colors From a Log Cabin

aspen fall photo Every Autumn in the Rocky Mountains the Aspen leaves start to turn from green to gold. This spectacular site is a treat for local residents and out of state visitors alike who take annual pilgrimages to view the fall colors. Starting in late August the highest aspen trees start to turn. As the calendar moves into September the trees at lower elevation start to shimmer with gold foliage.

Quaking Aspen

The Quaking Aspen or Trembling Aspen is a tree that grows at higher elevations in the Western USA. Hot summers keep the trees from surviving in many parts of the country, but in the Rocky Mountains at high altitude, the tree thrives. The quaking or trembling name comes from the way the leaves move in the wind. Aspen trees have flattened flexible petioles (the stalk that connects the leaves to the stem). These petioles let the leaves move in the wind giving the illusion that the tree is quaking or trembling.

Routes to Take in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, located in Northern Colorado just above the town of Estes Park (just a few miles from the TruLog headquarters) is an ideal place to view the aspen trees. There are several great areas to view the colors.

  • Glacier Gorge Trail – A moderate 2.8-mile hike into the scenic beauty of the park with lakes and waterfalls.
  • Bear Lake Road – Built in 1928 the road goes from Trail Ridge road to Bear Lake. It can be busy, so take it slow, but once you get to Bear Lake there are plenty of hiking trails.
  • Twin Sisters – A moderate 7.5-mile out and back hike that travels to the 11,000-foot peaks of the Twin Sisters which offers exhilarating views of Longs Peak, Mt. Meeker, Estes Cone and the Continental Divide.
  • Hidden Valley – Once a ski resort, now a sledding and tubing hill in the winter, this is a great place to view elk and aspens in the fall

Peak of the season

The third weekend in September Estes Park has it’s Autumn Gold Festival. This is a great time to rent a log cabin, listen to the elk bugle, take in the majestic fire of the aspens and enjoy the town.

While visiting the mountains to see all the golden fall leaves is great, how much better would it be to have your own mountain getaway for a private daily viewing. With TruLog siding you can build that dream high country bungalow you’ve always wanted and fit in the with the rustic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The durable faux log siding and Class A fire resistance make it perfect for enjoying crisp fall days.

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