Extreme Ways People Prepare For Metal Log Cabin Siding

For many people who order our metal log siding, the process is extremely simple: use the measurement form on our site and then get a free estimate. They pick the type of faux wood they’re most interested in, whether it’s Sable, Autumn Brown, Canyon Red, standard Cedar, or our Red Cedar log siding. We send them the proper lengths, they install it themselves or have a contractor take care of it for them, and suddenly they have an amazing, unique home exterior with minimal upkeep.

But some of our customers aren’t interested in doing things the simple way! Their decision to go with TruLog steel siding is just one step in their quest to improve their home on many levels. Let’s take a look at some other home improvement projects that can be done around the time of steel siding installation.

Replace the Roof

If you’re protecting the outside of your home with our fake log siding, we’re sure you’re also interested in protecting the inside of your home by making sure that the roof is in good shape. What kind of roof is right for your home with steel log siding? Take a look at pictures of log homes on the internet and it quickly becomes obvious that just about any type of roofing works well with the log cabin look. Many people go with traditional asphalt shingles and will choose either red or green. Others will go the more expensive route and choose slate shingles, which hold up forever but might require reinforcement of your rafters. Metal roofs are another option, and we wrote a whole blog about the many advantages you can get when you match a metal roof to your metal siding panels.

Install New Windows

If you’re considering replacing your windows, doing so just before you install our log metal siding is the perfect time. Installing windows isn’t as big a job as you might think, and doing so can go a long way to reducing your energy bill and improving the look of your home. Be sure to replace the windows before ordering our log home siding, especially if you’re changing the size or shape of any of them.

Add another floor!

So you have your property, and you love it. It’s in the perfect location, you have the amount of land you want, maybe you like the schools you’re zoned for. You’re not going to move.

And you like the house. Maybe you’ve raised your kids there, maybe you like the layout…it’s your home, but it just seems small. You’re certainly not going to tear it down and build it again with more space. Not only would that be emotionally difficult, but it’s prohibitively expensive. So, what do you do?

Add a floor! (Remember, this article is about extreme steps people take before having log cabin siding installed.) It’s a viable option that, while costing a lot of money, can let you stay in the same place while getting more living space at the same time. You could wait until the house has its second floor installed before ordering your log cabin siding, but there’s really no reason to wait. You can get a perfect idea of how much you’ll need from the blueprints for the house addition and have the siding installed at the same time it’s being finished. No need to expose uncovered parts of the house to the elements any longer than necessary!

When some people improve their homes, they go all out! Still, it doesn’t matter how much else you do to you home, because the steel log siding is going to cut down on your maintenance and give you a host of benefits. Find your favorite siding here!

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