5 Stunning Exterior Home Design Ideas

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Rustic modern, resort, chateau, and log-style homes are all incredibly popular right now – and with good reason. These homes styles call to mind a vacation getaway, someplace special right where you are.

Thankfully, with new materials, such as steel log-look siding, it’s possible to create this type of look on any style of home. Whether you want something that’s over the top or understated, there’s a way to capture the appeal of rustic modern architecture for your exterior.

If you’re looking for ways to help transform your house, consider any of these five, stunning home exterior design ideas.

1.Triple Tone

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One of the best things about working with natural wood, as well as with wood-look products, is the ability to get a lot of different tones that coordinate well together in one space. This home uses a rich cedar color over the majority of the exterior. The trim, however, is a darker shade that matches the color of the metal roof and gutters for a cohesive look.

To create an accent and focal point in the front of the home, the fence around the patio area is a much lighter wood tone, which still blends perfectly with the rest of the exterior, creating a rich, dynamic appearance.

2. Mixed Material

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When creating a rustic-looking façade for your home, you can sometimes achieve great effects by mixing materials. In this case, fieldstone is used as an accent along the front of the home, as well as on the front of the chimney. This provides a rich contrast to the canyon red-color of the siding, and helps to cement the idea of a rustic, chateau-style home. The color of the trim surrounding the garage doors picks up one of the darker shades from the fieldstone, helping to create an encompassing design.

3. Naturally Complementary

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The further apart you can put two colors on the color wheel, the more dynamic and striking the results when they’re viewed together. Known as complementary colors, shades that sit across from one another on the color wheel create a very dramatic appearance for your home’s exterior.

In this case, a rich, red cedar color is used on the siding, while the roof and gutters are done in a complementary shade of green. Together, the two colors also mirror the natural surroundings of the home, which is demonstrated in the front landscaping. Altogether, this helps to produce a beautiful, and natural curb appeal that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention.

4. Understated Appeal

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You don’t need to create a highly dramatic look to get appealing results. Some homes and architectural types work better when you use a more understated or subtle color scheme and trim. In this case, a light sable brown blends beautifully with a gray roof and gutters.

The lack of decorative trim means that the log-look siding gets to take center stage, standing out and helping to give the home its personality.

5. Emphasis of Line

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This simple home exterior also lets the log-look siding take precedence in terms of architecture and decorative elements. What sets it apart from the crowd is the way that the windows help to mimic the lines and shape of not only the building, but also the roof line.

In turn, the metal roof creates lines that contrast beautifully with the angle of the siding, creating a rich design that’s also simple and understated in its completion. Given the wide-open spaces around the home, this type of approach lets it stand out, but without overwhelming the area its located in.

Give Your Home a Stunning New Look

If you’ve been thinking of giving your home a makeover to meet one of the hot new trends in exterior design, consider using log-look siding to help you achieve your results. Whether you choose a look that’s dynamic or understated, you’re sure to get an exterior that turns everyone’s heads once you’re through.

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