The Top Exterior Design Trends of 2022

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The exterior of your home is arguably the most important part when it comes to looks and style. That important first impression, known as curb appeal, can have a profound impact on a house’s value, regardless of what the interior looks like.

If your home’s exterior has begun to look a little dated or rundown, it may be time to give it a fresh new look. There are several new top exterior design trends for 2018 that are sure to help any home get the makeover it deserves.

Dynamic Colors

While more subtle palettes were the trend for exteriors for several years, times are changing, and homeowners want a more dynamic exterior on their homes of late. This means including things like a boldly colored front door in the color scheme, as well as using a mixture of lights and darks to create contrast.

For example, light-colored trim with a dark colored siding is a very popular look right now, particularly when paired with a bold pop of color as an accent. Richer versions of previously popular colors are also being seen, such as deep russet reds, as well as colors inspired by nature such as forest green. The key is to avoid using tone on tone colors, such as lights and darks of the same shade, and to instead include colors that vibrate slightly when seen together, such as red and green or black and white. The result is an exterior that begs to be noticed and never fades into the background.

Steel Log Siding

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Rustic modern homes have been ramping up in popularity across the country for several years. This trend may have begun on the interior, but has made its way to the exterior now as well. To get the look, things like log-look siding have begun to increase in use. And while real log siding can be difficult and expensive to maintain, requiring frequent pressure washing and staining to look its best, steel log siding can give you the look, but without the maintenance and care.

Steel log siding is ideal for any home that you want to capture a rustic look for. Whether you’re updating an older home to give it a new life, or you’re building something new and you want it to last, this is one trend that has staying power.

Textured Exteriors

One of the reasons that log-look siding is gaining in popularity right now has to do with the texture the logs bring to the home. Texture is a very popular trend for exteriors, which has led many homeowners to consider a mixture of different types of material and style for their exteriors. For example, a log sided home may have a fieldstone chimney on the side, the fieldstone adding additional texture, color, and contrast to the rest of the space, making it more visually appealing.

Other ways to add more texture to the home, including using more rustic style, board-and-batten shutters, fieldstone or brick skirts around the bottom of the property, or through landscaping, adding bushes and trees close up to the property.


More homeowners and builders are also moving toward more sustainable materials for the home, both inside and out. This means using materials that can be recycled – like steel – as well as materials that are more durable and don’t require as much need for replacement or upkeep.

This means avoiding things like traditional wood siding that requires frequent applications of paint containing VOCs, as well as materials like vinyl, that are difficult to recycle or dispose of in a responsible way. Instead, homeowners are looking for ways that they can get dynamic good looks that will improve you’re their home’s value, without harming its surroundings.


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Porches and patios are two of the most requested additions to home exteriors right now. Both will enhance your use of the outdoor space, but a porch will also enhance your home’s appearance and curb appeal as well.

A front porch that matches the rest of your home in style, can give a major update to the exterior, adding dimension and giving it a whole new look. Porches help take otherwise plain homes, and give them that extra detail they may have been lacking, as well as providing some personality and character for the space as well.

Update Your Exterior Style

If your home is ready for a makeover, these emerging trends for 2018 are poised to last, giving you a look that will enhance your home’s appearance and value for the next several years. Consider adding any of these new trends to your home’s exterior to help give it the makeover and upgrade that you’ve been looking for. Update your home’s style today to take advantage of these bold and innovative new ideas.

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