Infographic: Everything you Should Know about Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is a historic housing style with a modern twist. Originally used on barns in the early days of American development, board and batten siding is composed of wide boards that cover the majority of the vertical home exterior with thin battens that lie over and cover up the gaps between them. It’s design pairs exceptionally well with modern rustic and farmhouse home design trends that are rising in popularity across the country. Nowadays, there are many improved materials to choose from aside from wood when considering a board and batten siding installation. Some of these materials include fiber cement, vinyl, and steel. With Trulog steel board and batten siding, you will receive a product with improved durability, increased lifespan, and uncompromised aesthetics. Discover more about board and batten siding in the infographic below and reach out to an expert at Trulog for any questions about your board and batten siding project.

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