Escaping by Train in Colorado

Colorado is a fabulous place for a log cabin getaway, whether you live here year-round or not. With many scenic locations, sometimes it’s hard to choose. However, sometimes getting to your perfect log cabin poses immense frustrations. Between the storms and the other drivers, starting your vacation stressed sounds like no vacation at all.

The Driving Conundrum

From Denver, there are few roads into the mountains which everyone gets funneled through. I-70 is notorious for its traffic jams, especially on fresh powder days. You do not want to get stuck in that on the way to your log cabin. Plus, if you don’t drive the roads often, navigation can be tricky. Instead, consider making your vacation fantastic by using the trains instead.

Winter Park Alternatives

Over winter, Amtrak runs a Winter Park Express train on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The train originates from Denver and ensures you’re in Winter Park in two hours flat regardless of traffic. From there, it’s usually a short shuttle ride out to some fabulously located log cabin getaways. Best of all, the train takes you through incredibly scenic mountains along the way that you would miss driving.

Winter Park is famous for its skiing, tubing, and scenic views nestled in the Rockies. A log cabin getaway by train gets you into the heart of the adventures without all the red taillights involved in taking yourself.

Glenwood Springs Adventures

Glenwood Springs is well-known for its hot springs, which are the perfect way to relax after a stressful week. Getting to Glenwood Springs from the Colorado Front Range poses a problem though. You may get stuck in ski hill traffic, in a storm, or even behind a truck crash if you try to drive up the winding I-70 mountain route. Fortunately, Glenwood Springs is on an Amtrak line.

The route from Denver to Glenwood Springs is arguably the most scenic of Amtrak’s entire California Zephyr route. The train takes you through unparalleled mountain views on your way to a super relaxing log cabin giveaway. Glenwood Springs itself is a charming town filled with natural hot springs just outside your log cabin getaway.

The Perfect Getaway

Glenwood Springs and Winter Park are not the only destinations available in Colorado by rail. From Denver, you can access the four other Amtrak train stations for a uniquely Colorado adventure without needing to drive a car from Denver.

If you wish, many of the Amtrak stations are located conveniently with other transportation options. For example, the Fraser Valley station is near both the local bus route and a few rental car companies. With those options, getting to your log cabin getaway is no stress at all.

No matter which option you choose, a log cabin in Colorado is a fantastic vacation getaway. You can go from relaxing to exhilaration to cozying up by the fire all in a day. Best of all, if you choose the train, your stress-free time starts the moment you board.

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