Enjoy peace and quiet in your own Cabin Retreat, like Muhammad Ali

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Many of us have the dream of having our own quiet slice of life with a mountain or rural property as a retreat. This type of retreat is a place you can relax, rejuvenate and take time to enjoy life. Or, like Muhammad Ali, maybe you want a log home retreat to sharpen your skills, whether your ambitions include log chopping, hiking, fishing or simply living in a great mountain home.

Muhammad Ali’s retreat has the same 18 log-framed structures as when he originally moved in. But your home can have maintenance-free steel log siding while still incorporating that classic, rustic log look. To learn more, please call the Colorado-based TruLog™ steel log siding team at 970-646-4490.

The Training Camp at Deer Lake – A Rustic Mountain Experience

In 1972, Muhammad Ali began building what was to become one of the most focused training camps in the country. His Deer Lake, Pennsylvania retreat featured 18 different structures, including a log-sided mosque and individual cabins for his sparring partners to sleep in. Ali continued to train here until the final fights of his career in 1981, says ESPN. It is here that he prepared for some of his most famous matches, including against George Foreman.

Some of the defining features of the camp at Deer Lake are the enormous boulders with the names of famous boxers painted across them. Ali’s own father is responsible for the painterly handiwork, according to Guernsey’s.

Less than a couple hours’ drive from Philadelphia, we can surmise the property offered Ali a getaway where he could focus all of his concentration on training. It’s one of the great benefits of a relatively isolated mountain property, that you can get away from the daily stressors and demands that take you away from doing the things you enjoy.

Live the Life you want at your own Log-Cabin Style Retreat

Many of Ali’s original fixtures, features and photos of The Greatest himself are still at the property, according to Guernsey’s Auctioneers. For many of us, the idea of having a home that spans generations is important to us. While Guernsey’s says Muhammad Ali’s training camp is ready for a new owner, your sights may be set on a smaller scale getaway.

Whether you’re in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the country, we can ship American-manufactured boxed steel siding directly to you. Cabins made from logs like the Deer Lake camp look great as long as you can diligently care for them and perform costly routine upkeep every few years. But with TruLog™ steel log siding, your mountain home can have the same look and natural appeal as a log cabin, but without any maintenance needed. Spend your time enjoying your surroundings and the people you are with, instead of maintaining your home’s exterior.

If you are interested in steel log siding for a cabin, single family home, mountain retreat or other structure, please call our Loveland, Colorado TruLog™ steel log siding company at 970-646-4490 or contact us online.

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