Get the Best Eco-Friendly Siding for Your Home

Getting new siding for your home is a big decision, made even bigger by the number of choices and options on the market. Obviously, you want your home to look good and be protected from the elements, but for many homeowners, their concerns go beyond looks and performance; they also want to make sure that they’re making an eco-friendly choice.

There are a lot of siding materials that are billed as eco-friendly, but they aren’t all equal or up to the same standards. If you want a siding that has the lowest impact on the environment, both in the way it’s made and in the way it performs on your home, look no further than insulated log-look steel siding from TruLog.

What It Means to Be an Eco-Friendly Siding

Many types of siding claim to be eco-friendly, and to some extent, many of them are. They may be recyclable, or biodegradable. They may contain some recycled material or they may not give off high levels of VOCs or other toxins when manufactured or burned.

To be truly eco-friendly, a siding material needs to do all of that and more. Steel siding is 100% recyclable, and although vinyl is also recyclable, many plants do not accept it. Steel siding from TruLog also contains up to 70% recycled material, and does not emit VOCs or toxic chemicals.

TruLog’s steel siding offers even more environmentally friendly benefits for homeowners. The log-look siding is backed with a contoured foam insulation that increases the insulation of your exterior by a factor of R-3 to R-4. This means that this siding not only enhances the appearance of your home, it also makes it more energy efficient and comfortable at the same time. An energy efficient home uses less energy to heat and cool, which means that the environmental benefits of TruLog steel siding go beyond what the material is made of.

The finish used on the siding helps to increase the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of the home as well. The Energy Star rated finish helps deflect heat from the Sun, so your home stays cooler in the hottest months of the year. Since the low-maintenance finish doesn’t require repainting, you won’t need to apply chemicals or paints that contain VOCs to the siding as time goes on. 

These attributes make TruLog’s steel log-look siding the most eco-friendly siding you can purchase and install on your home. 

The Look of Eco-Friendly Siding

Steel, log-look siding from TruLog isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also attractive, durable, and can give your home the look of a real log cabin. Take a look at these design ideas to see just how beautiful TruLog’s steel log-look siding can be: 

1. Naturally Rustic Appearance

Log-look steel siding has a naturally rustic appearance, with a simulated wood grain. It’s available in a range of attractive colors, including this rich, red-brown that contrasts with the natural wood posts beautifully and helps give the entire home the appearance of being a log cabin. 

2. Dark Colors and Trim

Dark brown siding is a popular color in a variety of areas. This home has a matching dark brown trim that gives the entire home a very subtle appearance that works well with the log-look, and with a heat-reflecting finish, having a dark-colored home won’t affect the energy efficiency of the interior. 

3. Light Tones

If you want a very light and natural look for your home, it’s possible to pair a lighter color of log-look siding with a green steel roof. A standing seam metal roof combined with steel siding can give your home increased durability and protection from the elements, while the colors can help give it a natural look that allows it to blend in with many surroundings. 

4. Rural Styles

Log-look siding works well on many homes, particularly when you want to complement a rural area or get a more rural appearance for your home. This home features a wide front porch and matching garage that can allow it to take on the appearance of a farmhouse or other rural property, while still having the eco-friendly durability of steel. 

Get the Best Eco-Friendly Siding for Your Home

There are a lot of choices on the market for siding that claims to be environmentally friendly, but only log-look steel siding from TruLog can give you the look, performance, and environmental friendliness you’re looking for. With this insulated siding your home will not only look better, it will perform better, too, with lower energy consumption, and no need to repaint regularly. Get the most environmentally conscious siding available, and visit TruLog today to find out more.

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