The Best Options for Dutch Lap Wood Siding

Dutch lap wood siding is an attractive exterior style that never goes out of style. Did you know that dutch lap siding is not your only option when it comes to this recognizable exterior design?

The thick, bevelled design of dutch lap siding originated in carpentry, but the same siding profile can now be recreated in a wide range of materials. This gives homeowners many different options when it comes to installing dutch lap siding on their home. Fiber cement, vinyl, and steel are all modern possibilities when it comes to dutch lap siding.

However, some of these materials provide better strength, protection, and value than others. When you compare them side by side, steel comes out on top for overall performance and value.

Identifying your priorities can help you select the right dutch lap wood-style siding for your home. Take a look at the pros and cons of each material:

Real Wood Dutch Lap

It goes without saying that real wood dutch lap siding is the classic choice. Natural wood grain patterning can bring a home’s exterior to life, providing unique character that is truly one of a kind. It’s easy to repaint or stain if a color change is desired.

Unfortunately, authentic wood isn’t a very practical option anymore. It’s naturally susceptible to moisture damage, which can result in sagging and rotting boards that compromise aesthetics and performance. Timber is also highly flammable, making wood siding a particularly risky option. In addition, wood requires an exorbitant amount of upkeep in order to maintain its good looks. Homeowners should be prepared for seasonal caulking and sealing to keep wood dutch lap siding in good condition.

Fiber Cement Dutch Lap

Fiber cement is a good alternative to real wood siding, as it is inherently more durable. Because of its cellulose fibers and cement mix, fiber cement is stronger than real wood and provides a lot more protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, fiber cement still has certain wood qualities, because of the cellulose fibers. This means flammability and water damage may still be common concerns that homeowners will need to keep in mind and clarify with fiber cement manufacturers. 

Another downside of fiber cement is that it usually requires installation to be completed by professionally trained individuals, meaning it’s not a DIY-friendly siding material.

Vinyl Dutch Lap

Vinyl dutch lap siding is a very popular choice, mostly because of the affordable price point that it offers. It is available in many different colors, and some selections even have imitation wood grain patterning, which can help recreate the look of traditional dutch lap wood siding. Vinyl is also quite easy to install, and many contractors are familiar with this material.

However, vinyl does not offer much confidence in terms of strength and durability. Vinyl is also extremely flammable. It’s a plastic-based product, which means that it tends to have a severe environmental impact. Vinyl is also susceptible to mold growth, moisture damage, and color fading with prolonged sun exposure. All of these vulnerabilities can drastically reduce the long-term value of vinyl dutch lap.

Dutch Lap Wood Siding


Dutch lap siding made from steel provides the best protection for the home, because steel is fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and has enhanced durability that makes structural damage less likely. A UV-protective layer ensures that color consistency stays attractive without fading from the sun, and a wide range of wood-look dutch lap siding designs are available with steel.

The biggest downside to steel lap siding is that the panels tend to be slightly heavier than other materials, like vinyl. This means some homeowners may need a second pair of hands or assistance to lift and move the materials easily. However, an innovative lock-in design makes the installation process straightforward and easy for steel dutch lap installation, which tends to make up for its heavier weight.

Steel Dutch Lap Wood Siding

High-Quality Dutch Lap Wood-Look Siding from TruLog

Do you know where to buy dutch lap wood siding made from steel? Most people start with a direct internet search, like “wood-look siding near me.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t always lead to the most reliable providers.

Ordering dutch lap wood-style siding from a respected provider, like TruLog, can give homeowners the confidence they need when investing in a big purchase for their home. 

TruLog has a long track record of serving customers, and they have an extensive selection of wood-style siding made from steel. Dutch lap siding is just the beginning of their impressive product range.

TruLog specializes in heavy-duty steel siding that captures the stylistic beauty of natural wood, so homeowners can count on them to get a high-performance product.

Download our Lap siding Buyers Guide today to discuss dutch lap wood-style siding products and find the perfect fit for your home.

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