Dutch Doors in a Cabin

Dutch Door Cabin

There are lots of decisions to make when you’re building a log cabin. One of them is the type of door. Most cabins have a typical wooden door, which are often quite heavy to keep the cold winter air out.

However, if you’re usually only at your cabin in the summer, or if you vacation in a warmer destination, you might want a different type of door. We recommend Dutch doors.

What are Dutch doors?

Dutch doors are, quite simply, doors that split in half. You can open either half without the other. Usually, Dutch doors have two sides that can also open out at the same time.

What are the benefits of Dutch doors?

Helps cool your cabin

If you’re somewhere hot, having a Dutch door can help to cool your cabin. You just need to open the top of the door and you’ll immediately have a stream of fresh air, without needing to open your whole door. Because these doors aren’t as heavy, they have less chance of banging shut.

Stops pets from escaping

If you have pets, you’ll know the danger of an open door. Having a half-open Dutch door can stop your dog from running outdoors when it shouldn’t. Equally, if you want your dog to stay in the garden, having a half-open door can prevent it from coming back in!


Dutch doors are equally great if you have kids. If you’ve got a toddler crawling or running around, you can ensure that they won’t go outside by using a Dutch door.

Drawbacks of Ductch Doors

There aren’t many drawbacks of Dutch doors, apart from the fact that they might let in more cold air in the winter. This is only noticeable if you’re at your cabin in sub-freezing temperatures though – they’re perfectly fine to withstand the winter, so if you don’t use your cabin in the colder months you won’t notice this.

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