Double-Wide Mobile Homes That Look Like Log Cabins

Double wide mobile homes can look just as beautiful as a standard house, but with added benefits of lower costs, mobility, and overall versatility. There are many reasons people choose mobile homes as an alternative to a “stick built” house, one of which is the cost-effectiveness of it. Double wides can offer a comfortable, stable home without the high costs associated with a traditional house. However, a common complaint of mobile home owners is that their exterior isn’t up to par.

When it comes to renovating a double wide, many owners will have new siding right up at the top of the list. The siding on your home not only makes the biggest impact on your curb appeal, but also affects home value, maintenance needs, and even energy savings.

Advantages of TruLog Siding Versus Other Materials

double wide log cabin mobile homes

There are just as many siding options for mobile homes as there are for traditional houses, including vinyl, wood, composites, steel, etc. This is great news for mobile homeowners, but it does mean that shopping for that perfect siding can be a bit frustrating due to the sheer number of options on the market.

Mobile homes tend to be clad in steel siding, vinyl, and wood, often in a traditional lap pattern. Mobile homeowners that want to capture the beauty of real wood often end up going with timber siding, often times not realizing that there is a wonderful alternative available.

TruLog siding has a convincing log finish, but being made of steel it has none of the weaknesses of real timber. TruLog siding looks more like real wood than other faux wood products (i.e. woodgrain vinyl) and often many won’t even realize it is steel unless they are examining the siding up close.

Some of the main advantages of TruLog Steel as cladding for double wide log cabin mobile homes:

  • Low Maintenance Needs – TruLog doesn’t require surface treatments like painting or restaining as real wood would. Basic cleaning and normal annual inspections are all the maintenance your mobile home siding will need.
  • Resistance to Moisture – Moisture is often the culprit when wood siding becomes damaged and often happens more often than you’d think. Neglect is the main reason why wood suffers from moisture damage, which happens all too often as homeowners struggle to keep up with the demands. Moisture will not soak into TruLog steel siding nor will it grow mold or mildew.
  • Resistance to Pest Damage – Insects typically target wood clad homes as a source of food. These insects obviously won’t have any interest in steel siding. Wildlife, such as woodpeckers, that can wreak major havoc on a home also won’t have any interest in your TruLog siding since their diet of insects won’t be around.
  • Impressive Fire Protection – Steel siding is the best you can get when it comes to fire protection for your home. A wildfire or house fire can quickly demolish a wood-clad home while a TruLog Steel home will offer the best protection you can get when it comes to siding. You can get the same rustic log cabin look you love without the danger of having flammable materials surrounding your mobile home.
  • Lowered Energy Bills – Oftentimes mobile homes, especially older models, can be difficult to keep cool or warm when needed. TruLog steel siding is one of few siding options that you can incorporate additional insulation into during installation. The way TruLog steel siding is designed, it offers a hollow space for insulation to fill. This simplifies the whole re-siding renovation for your contractor.

When a log or timber home is the goal, TruLog outperforms essentially every other option. The numerous benefits it offers to homeowners make it a top choice for your double wide log cabin mobile home.

Aged Mobile Home Turned Rustic Cabin

A stunning real life example of how re-siding with TruLog can transform a mobile home is shown below.

Before re-siding, this mobile home stuck out of the beautiful surrounding environment like a sore thumb. The owners weren’t pleased with the aged, plain looking siding and were ready for a change. With the goal of wanting a rural cabin in the woods, they chose TruLog Canyon Red siding.

After completing the renovation this mobile home looks nothing like it did before. The Canyon Red siding is rich in tone but maintains a fairly natural look, just like you’d see on a real timber log cabin. This finishing touch of this re-siding project was the addition of faux log ends extended out to mimic the look of real log construction.  

double wide log mobile homes

Re-siding with TruLog will not only yield beautiful results, but it also will reduce maintenance costs for the owner, improve their mobile home and property value, and provide better quality insulation which will reduce energy costs for heating and cooling.

The lower cost of purchasing a mobile home and the option to put TruLog siding on it makes this type of project ideal for future homeowners that want to get that rustic cabin they want, without spending an arm and a leg or dealing with the faults of a real timber log cabin.

If you have a double wide mobile home, contact TruLog siding for more information on how you can transform your home into a log cabin lookalike.

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