Does Steel Siding Increase Home Value?

Most can agree that owning a house is an investment. Of course, homeowners want to enjoy living in a safe, comfortable dwelling that they can enjoy. Outfitting the home with durable materials that will last — and even increase home value — is extremely important in today’s market.

Choosing the right exterior siding is an easy way to protect and improve home value. Traditional materials like wood and vinyl don’t offer much return on their investment, so homeowners often turn to steel, and there’s one important question that always comes up: Does steel siding increase home value?

The simple answer? Yes! Steel siding does increase home value, and it does so in various ways. There is not just one single advantage to steel siding that allows it to protect home value in the long term. Instead, there are several aspects that make steel siding the best choice for increasing your home value.

Steel Provides Better ROI than National Average

According to siding assessment reports, the national average ROI for siding of all material types falls at approximately 77%. This ROI (return on investment) reflects the cost-to-value return of siding at resale. When calculating the ROI of steel siding, the figure jumps up to 80-85% ROI. In other words, steel siding provides a higher return on investment than standard siding material estimates, making it a smarter and safer choice than other materials, like wood, vinyl, brick, etc.

If steel is the better choice, how does it do it? How exactly does steel siding increase home value? Steel siding performs better in a wide range of categories. An overall stronger, more durable defense means that there will be fewer repairs and maintenance needs, and the siding will ultimately perform better for longer.

Take a look at some of the specific areas where steel siding excels, all of which impact its ability to increase home value.

Impact Resistance

A Class 4 Impact Rating gives steel siding a significant edge over other materials. Even when homeowners are careful, the threat of impact damage can never be eliminated. Tree branches may fall against the home, or hail may strike during heavy storms. 

Since steel siding has impeccable impact resistance, it’s not as likely to incur damage from these events as weaker siding materials may.

Fire Resistance

Steel is fire-resistant, which reduces a huge amount of risk for homeowners. Wood and vinyl remain very flammable, even when treated with flame retardants. Having fire- resistant siding like steel adds another layer of protection for the home, which is always good for increasing home value.

Water Damage

Likewise, water remains another threat that can wreak havoc on homes with vulnerable siding materials. Steel is resistant to water damage, meaning it won’t sag, rot, or stain the way wood and vinyl can.

Insect Damage

Termites and other wood-nesting insects can destroy siding and cause property value to plummet. Insects look for a dry, soft material where they can nest. Wood is an ideal location to build tunnels and create colonies. Steel is simply inhospitable to most insects, causing them to look elsewhere when it’s nesting time.

Low-Maintenance = Reduced Running Costs

Another huge component of calculating home value is the estimation of how much work (including money, time, and effort) a home will require to maintain its quality. Some siding materials require an incessant amount of upkeep to retain their value. Wood, for example, often needs caulking and painting every few seasons to address blemishes and damage from the elements. Compare this with steel siding, which is essentially maintenance-free, and it’s easy to see how steel holds the advantage.

Perceptibility and Desirability

Finally, it would be wrong to talk about home value as if market interests are not a factor. Reselling a home often involves appealing to buyers, so the perception of materials can be a big component in determining desirability. Buyers often hold a positive impression of steel, viewing it as a strong, durable, cutting-edge material. Add this to the wide range of aesthetic styles that steel can achieve, and it’s safe to say that steel siding is popular with home buyers. In other words, the more desirable a feature, the more buyers tend to be willing to pay, thereby increasing home value.

The Best Steel Siding Provider

Steel siding will increase your home value in a myriad of ways, making it a safe and smart investment in any home. Contact TruLog today to explore a wide selection of maintenance-free steel siding products, including log-style steel, board and batten, and many other attractive siding styles.

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