Does My Log Home Need New Electrical?

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A lot of people love the charm of an old log cabin or home. And while you can certainly enjoy the beauty and comfort of your log home as it ages, there’s one element that shouldn’t be old—your electrical system.


Electrical systems should be updated to meet modern standards and guidelines in all homes, especially log homes. Faulty electrical systems are blamed for causing roughly 50,000 home fires every year, adding up to a total of $1 billion worth of property damage every year.


Losing a log home to a fire is a devastating consequence of neglecting to update your electrical system in a timely manner. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to get your log home updated with a new electrical system so you and your family can enjoy your log home for generations to come.


Here’s what to look for if you’re trying to figure out whether or not your log home needs new electrical wiring.

Signs your log home needs a new electrical system

1. You can’t use more than a few appliances without blowing a fuse

You should be able to run all of your appliances without a problem when your electrical is in good shape. If you find that you’re constantly blowing a fuse when you plug in more than a few appliances, take it as a good indication that your electrical system needs some work.

2. Lights keep flickering on and off

If you’re starting to feel like you’re living in a spooky movie because of all the flickering lights, it’s probably your electrical system. While you can feel some relief that a ghost isn’t playing tricks on you, you should get your electrical system looked at by a professional if you start noticing spooky flickering at night.

3. Plugs start falling out of outlets

Your plugs should stay in your outlets with relative ease. If they start falling out, it’s a sign that the inner workings of your electrical system are damaged. Get a professional to look at this immediately as this can pose a major fire hazard.

4. You have two-prong outlets

Modern electrical outlets have three prongs for increased safety. They’re properly grounded and are suited for modern electrical systems. If all or most of your electrical outlets are two-pronged, it’s time to make an update.

5. You get shocked anytime you unplug something from an outlet

You should never get shocked when you plug something into or out of an outlet. Call a professional immediately as this can be a fire hazard and put you and anyone who’s in your home at risk for serious injury.


In general, if your log home is 30 years old or older, you should have a professional electrician come out to do an inspection. A lot has changed in how electrical systems work over the last 30 years, and making sure your electrical system is up to date is key to ensuring you and your family stay safe. If you’re renovating your log home, you should also have the electrical system inspected, since it’s easier to update during a renovation than afterward.

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