Differences between vinyl siding and steel log siding?

Vinyl Log Siding

Siding photo by ArmchairBuilder.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/armchairbuilder/ The climate in which your log home or cabin is located can narrow the scope of your search for a maintenance free log siding product very quickly. Vinyl siding is essentially plastic in the form of siding. Have you ever seen plastic under hot temperatures? The plastic becomes distorted or melts. How about when plastic is exposed to extremely cold temperatures? The plastic can become fragile and increases the chances of cracking or splitting. Or how about when plastic is exposed to cold temperatures and then hot temperatures quickly? The material contracts and expands quickly causing stress, cracking the material. Many factors can negatively affect your vinyl log siding causing damage to the exterior of your home which will have to be repaired.

Steel Log Siding

Close up of steel log siding With the introduction of steel log siding, maintenance free log siding can more easily be achieved. Steel is a much more durable product when compared to vinyl and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures thanks to the expanding and contracting of the material; the difference, metal wont crack or split like vinyl does. Depending on the supplier, metal log siding is competitively priced against vinyl log siding in the neighborhood of $365-$425 a square (10 foot by 10 foot wall coverage). Can metal log siding be a more “pricey” upfront investment? Possibly it can be but at the end of the day, metal log siding is going to last a lot longer than vinyl siding because it can withstand the harsh climates without defect in the material.

The choice is yours! What are you looking for in a log home? That traditional log home look with all the maintenance? Cheap imitations of plastic on your wall? Or can you make an investment that will last for decades and choose a metal log siding exterior for your home! Contact TruLog Siding today for the most authentic maintenance free log siding on the market!

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