Detroit Spending $400K to Restore an Old Log Cabin

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A historic, 19th century cabin in Detroit is being restored. Previously in a state of disrepair, the cabin has largely been closed to the public. Once the renovation is completed, the public will once again be able to visit this charming old home.

Log homes are woven into the very fabric of American history. Their charm and character are difficult to match. They can last generations, but not without routine care and maintenance. With TruLog™ steel log siding, you can enjoy the style of a log home without any upkeep required. To learn more, please call our experienced team at 970-646-4490.

Historic Log Home in Detroit Will Undergo Restoration

According to, a historic log cabin built in 1887 will be restored with a budget of $400,000. says the home originally belonged to Sen. Thomas W. Palmer, who later gave the home to the city to use as a park. During the restoration, the foundation will be repaired and the roof will be replaced. The inside of the cabin will be cleaned out and a variety of other improvements will be completed.

For a long time, the cabin operated as a museum, until it was closed by the city in 1979. In the ensuing years, says it fell into disrepair. Volunteers have worked to maintain the cabin over the past several years. Log Cabin Day is an annual event opening the cabin to the public one day a year. Once the cabin is renovated and reopened, the public will once again be able to visit Palmer Park and utilize the space for weddings, community events and other occasions.

Why Is It So Expensive To Own A Log Home?

Even if you’re not restoring an old log home, the routine upkeep can really add up over the years. Although required maintenance varies, generally log homes may require some combination of the following every 2-3 years or so:

  • Re-staining
  • Re-sealing
  • Re-chinking
  • Replacement of damaged or rotten logs

If you plan to own your home for decades, upkeep like this can amount to thousands of dollars over the years.

Affordable, Maintenance-Free Log Home Style

TruLog™ steel log siding offers the same log style, but without the cost and maintenance. TruLog™ mimics the look of real logs, with the appearance of hand-hewn contours and chinking lines. Made of durable, heavy gauge steel, TruLog™ requires no more than an occasional rinse with a hose. You can get the same longevity and charm of logs without the maintenance.

If you are interested in siding your home with TruLog™ steel log siding, please call our experienced team, at 970-646-4490, for a free cost estimate. We are located in Loveland, Colorado, and are proud to ship orders of our siding to areas including Detroit and other places across the country.

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