Looking for a base in the woods for hunting? There are plenty of areas that are perfect for your hunting cabin, where there are plenty of game. Once you’ve settled on your plot of land, you’ll want to start designing your hunting cabin. Here’s exactly how to do it! 

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Choose a small cabin

Hunting cabins should be small in size and blend in easily with the surroundings. You won’t want to be too obtrusive, as this might mean that wildlife steer clear from the area that your cabin is based in. Go for the smallest possible cabin size, while still having everything that you need!

Think about interior design

In a small space, you will want to think about how to use it as best as possible. Solutions like having a split level cabin could work well here. Also, consider storage space for your rifles. You will want to keep them locked away, so you will probably need a special cupboard to be built in for them. 

Make sure that you have a porch

Porches are essential for hunting cabins. You’ll be able to sit there and watch the forest, working out habits of wildlife and planning your next hunting routes. It’s also a great spot to relax in after a day’s activities!

Think about electricity and water

Depending on how much time you will spend in your cabin, you may or may not want electricity and water. This is a significantly cheaper option – but if you will be staying in the cabin overnight, these utilities are necessary. 

Will you decorate? 

Some hunters prefer not to decorate, and like to keep the cabin simple. However, others have lovely rustic detailing that mirror the place where it is based. Whether you decorate or not is completely up to you, but we think a few homely touches will go down well!

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