Designing Your Restaurant or Bar in the Log Home Aesthetic

log cabin restaurant photo
Photo by Boston Public Library

Log cabins and faux log siding are being used for a multitude of structures these days. Whether historic or new construction, log-style businesses have a winning appeal among many patrons.

What’s the Appeal of the Rustic, Log-Style Restaurant?

The most obvious, corporate example of a log-style restaurant might be Cracker Barrel. With a sweeping front patio, wooden rocking chairs and a log-style interior, this nationwide chain has long been the most obvious example of a country themed restaurant.

Perhaps the appeal of such restaurants are the warm, family friendly atmosphere. Or the feeling of being in a country, rural setting in the middle of a busy urban center. Whatever the exact reasons, it’s clear that many customers adore these types of establishments. The question for the restaurant owner is how to make this log-home style work for their business.

A Pancake House, a BBQ Cabin and a Whiskey Distillery

Cracker Barrel may be the most obvious example, but food and beverage businesses across the country have emulated the same style for just as long, if not longer.

The Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is well-loved among TripAdvisor® reviewers. The log structure has a historic, rustic feel, with chinking lines, hewn logs and an ultra-large patio complete with rocking chairs. There’s even a covered wagon bearing the restaurant’s name situated right on the roof above the patio.

Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant is a BBQ joint in Corfu, New York. Although patrons come for the slow-cooked baby back ribs, the restaurant itself is something to marvel at. The authentic log cabin that houses the eatery was built in 1946 and has a resplendent view of the falls.

This summer, Leiper’s Fork Distillery will serve local whiskey in Williamson County, Tennessee. The 5,000 square-foot distillery is accompanied by a 2,500 square-foot log cabin that was built in 1825. This rustic cabin will be the site of whiskey tastings, tours and live music.

Creating Your Own Style with Faux Log Siding

Across the country there seems to be a return to authentic, artisanal styles. If you’d like to renovate your own business or other establishment to mimic the log home look, then steel siding can be a great option. TruLog™ is designed and manufactured to look like real logs, but they don’t have the hassle of upkeep that logs do.

As a business owner, your time is exceptionally valuable. Although a log cabin built in the nineteenth century may be the height of authenticity, it will also require a lot of upkeep. Log construction needs to be re-sealed and repainted at times. Damaged logs, insect infestations and rot are all things that can occur and need to be addressed, especially when you have a business establishment with patrons visiting.

TruLog™ protects the valuable asset that is your time. This steel siding product does not require any more care than rinsing it with a garden hose or bucket of water. The durability of the heavy gauge steel means your siding can last for decades. We also provide a limited lifetime warranty with your purchase of faux log siding.

For a free quote of the cost of TruLog™ for your project, please call our experienced team in Loveland, Colorado, at 970-646-4490. Though we are located in the Rocky Mountain region, we ship boxed steel siding to construction sites across the country.


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