Designing a Sloped Lot

Cabin on a mountain slope

Are you looking to build a beautiful and rustic home in the mountains? The idea of a home positioned on the side of a mountain sounds wonderfully scenic, but in reality, there are lots of logistics when it comes to doing so. You’ll need to think about how to fit a kitchen and whatever rooms you need into your floor plan while considering that the base will be sloped! Here are some tips for designing your dream home with a sloped floor.

Think vertical, not horizontal

Instead of building a home that spreads horizontally, build your home virtually. For starters, you can include a basement, which you could have with a sloped floor. You could even turn it into a walkout basement and add large windows. Then, create the main ground floor, which will have the kitchen and lounge, and then your bedrooms above.

Choose the right slope

If you’re looking for slopes, it’s a good idea to choose the right one! A gentle slope is better for building a house rather than a steep incline. In particular, choose a slop that’s less than 10 percent, which is a slight gradient, 11 to 20 percent being moderate and steeper slopes than 20 percent are considered steep. If you go for a steeper slope, it will be more expensive to build your ideal home.

Consider the terrain

Slopes may have different types of terrain. It’s a good idea to work around the topography of wherever you are building, incorporating natural features rather than working against them. Plus, think of drainage, installing things like French drains that will work well with surface run off.

Building a house on sloped land can be difficult, but that’s not to say that it’s impossible! If you follow these tips, you should be able to have a rustic mountainside home.

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