Design Trends for 2022

Whether you’re kitting out a new cabin or decking up your old one, there are a few design trends that you might want to bear in mind as we head into 2022.

These trends incorporate fresh, innovative design with useful features. Here are some ideas!

Bring the indoors outdoors

Increasing people are using their outdoor cabin spaces, like terraces, to create beautiful outdoor “rooms”.

This can help you to spend much more time outdoors and feel like you are really appreciating nature.

For example, you could bring some squashy sofas outdoors and relax on them, or even move a day bed outdoors! Just make sure it has coverage in case of rain.

Bring the outdoors indoors

If the weather isn’t great where your cabin is based, bring the outdoors in! Rustic wood furnishings and flower arrangements can help you do this.

Again, this can help you to get your nature fix, without you even really trying.

The color green

Green is having a moment.

Fresh ivy colors give a fun and rural atmosphere to your cabin. If you have any plaster walls that could do with a lick of paint, consider using a darker green or pastel color if there isn’t much natural light.

Luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms are in. And the good news is that nowadays, it’s entirely possible to have a luxury bathroom on a lower budget.

Think roll top baths with jacuzzi capabilities, outdoor showers (these are perfect for your cabin!) and a mix of white and natural colored tiles. If your cabin bathroom has been needing a makeover, now is the time!

All of these decor trends are popular for 2022, but equally, they can be timeless. If this is the year that you’re going to decorate, you can be sure that you’ll have a beautiful cabin for many years to come.

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