Creating Storage Space for Small Log Homes

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Photo by Tim Evanson

Storage space is a challenge for some homes, especially when the size of the house compared to the number of persons staying in the house is small. For a particular house: as the number of persons staying in the house increases: the amount of the belonging or property will increase: and the lesser the available space. Creating space to store more things and make the house organized requires some level of creativity.

Here are some ideas that can help you maximize your space, create space and make your home perform effectively.

  1. Hollow areas such as your staircase can serve as organizational spaces. Get a furniture maker to create an in-built drawer, where you can keep things you use regularly. You can also decide to build a hanger there, where you can hang in umbrellas and other things.
  2. Build secret storage for your essential belongings muddled items. An example of this idea is a nestling of furniture when they are not in use, such as a table fitting into another schedule.
  3. Create hooks for items like mug and cups; this increases space on your tables, shelves and floors.
  4. Use bookcases and storage cabinets that run from floor to the ceiling as rooms divider. This idea creates storage space on both sides. For some part of the building, you can allow space between bookcase divider and the ceiling; this creates additional space for items like a plant.
  5. You can design your bed in such a way that it can flip up; then the area underneath can be used to store clothes which you can’t use during a particular season (winter clothes), or extra pillows and bedsheets. This will create more space in your wardrobe.
  6. You can do with an open kitchen cabinet, in a situation where your home can’t have behind the closed door kitchen cabinet.
  7. You may also have to reduce some of your belongings. Do away with things you don’t use regularly, and you don’t need or are not so vital. It is necessary that as you are accumulating new stuff, you try to do away with some old things because many a time we just store up this old thing that we will never use again.
  8. When procuring furniture, try and pick the ones that can be used for multiple purposes. This will provide extra space, which would have been consumed by the other furniture you would have had to buy.
  9. Make judicious use of the space you have in your small log home. Ensure everything has its position in the house, and that they remain in that exact place even when they are not in use.
  10. Install wall-mounted dispensers kind of storage containers, where you can keep food items like rice. This will provide more space in your shelf and will also ensure that your dry food items retain their freshness.

If you follow the tips above, am sure you would have been able to free up space and neatly arranged your belongings in your small log house.

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