Creating Privacy on Your Patio

mountain patio photo You’ve taken the leap and found the perfect mountain cabin retreat. You’ve got excellent views all year long. There’s just one drawback though. Your neighbor up the hill is just a little too close for comfort. You’d love to spend more time outside but creating privacy on your patio must come first.

Planters and Baskets

One of the most adaptable ways to create privacy on your patio is planters. Planters come in a variety of sizes and shapes so they can fit any space. Each container can also house a variety of
plant life.

The first step with planters is determining where you need them. If you want to screen your neighbor out, on top of the rail or hanging from the patio cover are both solid choices. For the
most natural feel, you’ll want to give them a little space from each other.

Next consideration is what plants you want to use. Bear in mind the average temperature where you live. If your area gets blizzards, you’ll want plants that go dormant during the winter or that can move inside. If possible, you want plants that grow tall and wide, for maximum coverage.


Shrubs are an excellent choice for creating privacy on your patio, especially if you’re at ground level. Most shrubs grow quickly so you won’t have to wait years for a screen. As a bonus, you
may even get fresh berries from your plantings.

With shrubs, you will have to decide how old of a shrub you would like to start with. Visit your local nursery and ask them what they recommend for your area. Some bushes transplant well a
few years into life, while others will need to start from seed.


Trees are a long-term effort to gain privacy. They typically need less care than shrubs or planters once they’re established. However, many trees need a decade or more to reach their full height. In the meantime, you’ll need to use another means of creating privacy on your patio.

To begin, look at the trees that are already around your cabin. Those are the trees that are best adapted to the climate. They’re also what your local nursery is likely to carry. Each tree needs to be at least fifteen feet from your home and have enough room from other trees to grow well.

Artificial Means

In addition to living privacy screens, you do have the option to build an artificial one. This is an appropriate choice if your cabin is not a permanent residence or if you don’t feel comfortable caring for plants. The options for creating privacy on your patio include covering the patio, pergolas, or a wrap-around barrier.

Assuming your neighbors look down on your patio from further up the hill, roofs and pergolas are great options. If your neighbors have more of a straight line of sight, you can build a barrier
around your patio. The goal of creating privacy around your patio does not need a continuous barrier. Instead, you can add a solid wall around the sitting area while leaving the grill exposed
for example. These days, such a barrier could match your cabin, adding beauty and privacy. Adding some form of privacy screen allows you to enjoy your patio fully

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