5 Cottage Lap Siding Design Ideas

Cottage lap siding isn’t just for whimsical countryside cabins anymore. There is a resurgence in cottage-style architecture and design from coast to coast, and homes in cities and suburbs alike are flaunting cottage lap siding to create a chic and familiar feel.

You may be sold on the idea of transforming your home into a cute countryside cottage, and it’s easy to get lost in all the siding possibilities out there. Materials, colors, textures — there’s a lot to consider!

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these five cottage lap siding ideas to get a jumpstart on your exterior design blueprints. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each design idea to make the best investment for your cottage-style exterior.

1. Real Wood Lap

Real wood is a classic choice for cottage lap siding. It is one of the oldest building methods used. Though real wood is fairly easy to work with, the techniques for keeping it up to par have been refined over time, but it certainly doesn’t qualify as a low-maintenance material.

Real wood requires real upkeep, as any cottage owner will tell you. Be prepared for seasonal maintenance to keep the cottage lap siding looking and performing its best. Sanding, staining, caulking, and repainting are common tasks to add to the list in order to keep the beauty of real wood in good shape. Additional protection and care may be necessary, since real wood is more flammable and susceptible to the elements than modern cottage lap siding materials.

2. Stacked Lap / Clapboard

cottage lap siding

Clapboard is great for capturing the classic horizontal layout of cottage lap siding. The slight overhanging lip allows for a more interesting visual texture along the home’s exterior. Stacked lap siding, sometimes referred to as Dutch lap, is available in a variety of building materials, including modern wood-look steel, so homeowners will have more choices throughout the design process.

3. Log-Look Steel Lap

Believe it or not, steel is one of the best materials for cottage lap siding. Log-look steel combines greater energy efficiency and durability with the desirable appearance of real wood. Unlike natural wood, which requires excessive upkeep and maintenance, wood-look steel is entirely maintenance-free, meaning homeowners have very little to worry about.

There are many wood-look steel products on the market, and those that imitate logs, capture a cabin-style appeal with rounded edges and natural wood grain patterning. Plus, log-look steel can be purchased in a variety of colors, meaning that homeowners can skip the strenuous staining and painting that comes with wood.

4. White Lap


White is a popular color for cottage lap siding, and it gives homeowners a blank slate for playing with color and texture in other parts of the home’s exterior. Though white wood is easy to come by, it is also prone to damage. The light color of white siding means that blemishes on the surface — caused by chipping, flaking, sun damage, or impact — are much more noticeable than with dark wood.

If you have your heart set on white cottage lap siding, it’s best to go with a more durable material that won’t experience nearly as much unsightly damage as real wood. TruLog is a wood-look steel siding provider that offers an excellent alternative to natural wood lap. You still get the same aesthetic effect from TruLog, since they have a wide range of wood-look siding that’s ideal for cottage lap, but you’ll also get the added advantage of durability and heightened weather-resistance.

5. Board and Batten

Board and batten is another term for cottage lap siding. Similar to horizontal lap siding, the board and batten style features rectangular siding panels, but oriented vertically. Thin battens are installed at each seam to create a textured appearance that is right in line with the classic cottage designs. 

One advantage of vertical lap siding is that it can make the residential structure appear taller than it truly is, which can sometimes be an advantage when designing smaller cottages with limited space. Board and batten provides many opportunities for getting creative with exterior designs, and it’s a great layout to consider if you’re interested in cottage lap siding, but you want something slightly more unique.

Maintenance-Free Steel Siding from TruLog

Whether you like the look of board and batten, white siding, stacked lap, or rounded log-style panels, TruLog is a sound option. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, dependable TruLog siding products can bring the cottage lap look to life with long-lasting performance and reliability.

Download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today to find the perfect cottage lap siding for your next project!

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