The Issue With Concrete Cabins

Cabins are an extremely popular style of home due to their rustic appearance. But those looking to build a cabin of their own are turning to new materials as an alternative to traditional wood cabins, which require a great deal of maintenance over time. One popular alternative people are finding is to make a concrete cabin. However, while durable, concrete is not the best alternative solution available. Instead, those looking for a cabin look and feel, without turning to wood for the exterior, should turn to other options instead. There are a few drawbacks to using concrete to consider.

Not Cost-Effective

concrete cabin problems

To make concrete cabins is very expensive, about $8 per square foot for all the materials needed for initial building. This means the larger the cabin, the more money you will end up spending on just the construction. Additionally, concrete cabins require some level of maintenance to keep the home fully protected from potential damage, which creates added costs for the homeowner. So, not only is there the high initial cost of building, you will find yourself spending more just to keep the concrete in top shape.

Concrete Cabin Problems with Weight

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that concrete is a very heavy material. Using it to create a concrete cabin requires molds to be used to get the right look and feel. It also means that a homeowner will need help from a professional for the actual building of the home. Because concrete is so heavy, it means that the home itself needs to be strong enough to handle all of that weight. Otherwise, the home may begin to crack and sink under the pressure, which will affect the overall strength and durability of the concrete cabin.

Debatable Durability


While a concrete cabin is incredibly durable and able to withstand things such as snow, wind, ice, rain, and shifting temperatures, there can still occasionally be issues. Concrete can crack and begin breaking over time, and if not taken care of quickly, the elements can start seeping through these cracks. These cracks and breaks can result in a loss of energy efficiency of the concrete and even mold growth, which can lead to many other issues. All of these can lead to costly repairs to remedy the problem and ensure things do not get any worse.

Maintenance Requirements

As mentioned before, a concrete cabin still requires a lot of maintenance. Even though concrete is an incredibly durable material, even it has its limits. Over time, concrete can begin to crack from exposure to harsh elements, shifting foundations, and purely from the weight of the home itself. It is essential that these cracks be taken care of as quickly as possible, otherwise, they can grow and worsen and lead to bigger problems. Eventually, if they are not taken care of, cracks can create a dangerous situation where the home’s structural integrity can come into question.

A Better Alternative Material

Both wood and concrete have their problems, from cost and maintenance to the eco-friendliness of the material. Luckily, these are not the only options available. Instead of going for a wood or concrete cabin, consider the eco-friendly option of steel log siding. This is a beautiful, lightweight alternative that does not sacrifice the look and feel of a traditional log cabin. It is a cheaper option for initial installation and the fact that it requires no maintenance beyond cleaning means you will save money over the entire lifespan of the siding. Additionally, steel log siding is more durable, energy-efficient, as well as moisture, chalk, and fade resistant. All in all, you cannot go wrong with a steel siding log cabin.

While a concrete cabin may sound like a good alternative to a traditional wood cabin, it is still not the best alternative on the market. Instead, consider going with the option of steel log siding, which is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and durable. Steel log siding does all of this without ever sacrificing the log cabin look and feel. When it comes down to it, you will be happy with steel log siding, especially with all the money you will be saving, giving you more to spend in other areas.

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