Log Buildings for Commercial and Public Use

It is not uncommon for commercial business owners to need additional buildings for storage or other needs. Additional buildings are placed on a commercial site to house products or materials, as well as provide more space for employees or cover other needs. Log buildings for commercial and public use are a great alternative to additional buildings for properties, but what products are best? How do you know what type of building to install?

Configuring Your Building Needs

To get started determining what type of building you should install for your property, you must configure your building needs. What will you be using the building for? How large does the building need to be? For commercial use, the building may need to be quite large to house materials and products. You will need certain features to be included in the build, such as weather protection and easy access.

For public uses, consider use first. Do you need extra storage at a public sports facility? Or are you looking for a small building to have a space for people to take shelter from rain or sun? Asking yourself these questions will help you to determine what type of building you need.


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Log buildings for commercial and public use come in many material forms. You can choose to install a building that is created from wood or vinyl, or go with a concrete log siding. All of these materials can look great when adding a log building to your property. But are these materials your best option?

Technological advances have helped building materials become more conducive to property owners’ needs. One product that is overtaking the market as a top choice for log buildings is TruLog siding. This siding material is a metal log siding product that creates the rustic look of a log home, but provides the durability and low maintenance needs of metal materials.

A log building added to your property with TruLog siding will last for years to come, with little maintenance to complete on your part. The metal siding is created from 28 gauge steel, with a top-quality paint coating that is resistant to peeling, blistering, cracking, chipping, and fading. The product is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Log Buildings for Commercial and Public Use 2

A major positive to this product is the lack of maintenance. With this siding, you simply need to rinse the building from time to time with a garden hose. If you were to install a wooden log building for your property, it would require constant upkeep. Wood can rot and chip, as well as be susceptible to damage from creatures, bugs, and the elements. With this product, you do not have to worry about such damage issues or repair and replacement needs.

A Log Look

With TruLog, the steel siding is created to look like real wood. The siding panels are created in 12-foot sections, with each panel having a wood grain look with hew lines and a chink line included. The underlayment of the siding is created from a contoured foam, providing impact resistance as well as adding rigidity.

Log Buildings for Commercial and Public Use 3

Overall, this option is a top choice for individuals who wish to install a log building on their property. Choose this new product instead of traditional wood materials to avoid the added wear and tear. Little maintenance and the same look can be achieved with this new and unique product.

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