Colorado’s Log Cabin Heritage Endures

rocky mountain log cabin photo
Photo by Wilson Hui

The log cabin home has been part of the American dream since the mid-17th Century, when English settlers from Finland and Sweden began building cabins along the East Coast. This is one home style that endures as a favorite home building project for many U.S. homeowners.

Colorado has been an historic site for log cabins and log homes since the 1850’s, when gold mining prospectors began settling in the Summit County area. Our state is also an ideal winter retreat with world-renowned ski resorts that attract skiers and winter sports fanatics to log home living.

These two factors have made Colorado a unique place with a rich log home history, one we love to share with customers and friends who relate to our log cabin heritage with a sense of pride.

A Stable Homestead for American Pioneers

Modern towns like Breckenridge, Frisco, Delaware Flats, and Keystone were once the site of mining camps where early American pioneers constructed log cabin homesteads to hunt for gold. Many of these structures still stand in nearby deserted and open ski resorts.

Historic buildings like the Staley-Rouse House in Frisco and the Boreas Railroad Station Site in Breckenridge are a testament to the log cabin heritage that helped American settlers thrive in Colorado’s untamed Rocky Mountain environment.

By the late 1800’s, many prospectors, traders, and colonists had constructed log homes and settlements through the wilds of early America. Soon after, wealthy landowners and developers initiated a Great Camp Movement by building idyllic log cabin retreats near lakes along the Adirondack Mountains.

A Rocky Mountain Vacation Getaway

Skiers and vacationers also come from all areas of the world to stay in luxurious ski cabins on resorts near Vail, Telluride, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs. There they experience the inviting warmth and old-world tradition of custom-built log cabins that make the dream of owning one more desirable than ever.

Once a necessary structure for survival to people living off the land, today’s log homes and cabins are more of a luxury than a necessity. People seek the comforts of log home living to escape from busy cities and hectic lives, to re-connect with nature.

While the cost of owning and maintaining an authentic log cabin may be too expensive to consider, TruLog’s patented steel log siding is engineered to match the style and color of real cabin logs, at an affordable price.

Learn more about our product here, and call today to let us help you re-design a log home you’ll be proud to own.

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