Colorado Wildfires: Is Your Home Siding Putting You at Risk?

One of the most devastating incidents that can occur in a home is a fire. In Colorado, it is not uncommon for wildfires to occur, putting homeowners at risk. Forest fires take place in wild areas of Colorado, which can place homes located near the foothills or forests at risk of losing their property to the flames.

The state has a dry climate that can lead to the quick creation of a wildfire, so homeowners must take the proper precautions to protect belongings and the home structure from flames.

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The Colorado State Forest Service recommends that homeowners reinforce the structural integrity of the home to ensure the structure, as well as belongings inside, remain safe if a fire occurs. One way to do this is to install fire-resistant siding. Such siding created from steel material can ensure the home is better protected if a wildfire were to spring up unexpectedly.

Considering Ignitability

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Homes in Colorado that are located in what is considered a danger zone to wildfires, will need to be evaluated for their ignitability involving the structure. The home must be evaluated to see how well it would react to flames or sparks. To test the ignitability, several factors are considered, including the size of the home, the shape, the ground slope, vegetation planted near the home, and the construction materials.

Homes with wood siding will be at risk of burning down, having little protection against fire. A home with steel siding, such as a TruLog material, will have an outer layer of protection that can assist in preventing the home from burning down.

With TruLog siding, the material is created from steel, which is able to withstand incredibly hot temperatures. Even contact with direct flames can be withstood for a long period of time before any strength is lost.

This siding type is created from 28 gauge thick steel that offers complete protection for the home when installed. The built-in chink lines have steel in place to help protect the home if a fire were to occur.

The siding is designed with a Styrofoam backer in place that is covered by the steel material to provide protection from flames as well as high heat. The backing provides quality impact resistance which is helpful in the case of a fire, as it will reduce the damage by preventing the siding from cracking.

Same Look without Natural Timber

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The visual appeal of your home is a factor to consider and one reason why homeowners choose to go with a natural timber exterior. While the look is beautiful, in Colorado, your home will be at risk of fire damage due to wildfires. With TruLog, you have an option that mirrors the look of real wood without the fire risk.

The TruLog siding material has the appearance of real wood, with a wood grain texture placed on the outside of the siding. Offered in a variety of colors, you can easily find a wood tone and color that matches the desired look for your home. Enjoy the rustic appearance of real wood for your home’s exterior without the risk of losing your home to fire if one were to occur.

When living in Colorado, it is essential that every precaution is taken to protect your home. The proper exterior materials must be used along with any inside protections such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.

With TruLog siding, you have an exterior element that will not only protect the home from wildfire flames, but also ensure that the home looks visually appealing as well.

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