Colorado Ski Town Homes Make Sensible Investments

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As you know, Colorado has a great reputation for having some of the best snow skiing slopes in the country. This also contributes to some attractive real estate in and around these areas. If you appreciate log home living as much as we do, you might understand why buying ski town real estate in rural areas makes sense.

Even if you’re not a skier yourself, the opportunity to own or upgrade a rustic log home that brings you closer to this lifestyle has its advantages. This doesn’t have to be a home you’d live in full-time either. In the best of situations, mountain log homes and cabins with spectacular views also make great guest houses or rental properties.

Colorado Ranks High For Ski Town Living

For example, last year data analysts RealtyTrac, along with another firm called Zrankings, compiled a short list of the 10 best ski towns in America for real estate investments in 2015. The study took several factors into consideration, like unemployment and foreclosure rates, gross rent yield, proximity to local airports, and most importantly, median home price.

Two Colorado cities, Georgetown and Crested Butte, made the list. Far below the state’s median price of more than $500,000 for available homes, these cities offer comparable bargains at median prices of $189,000 and $225,000 respectively. These are areas with an attractive list of features for potential log home buyers:

  • small local population
  • low unemployment rate
  • high gross yield for rentals
  • close to major ski slopes attracting thousands of skiers and tourists.

Georgetown, the so-called “Silver Queen of the Rockies,” scored highest with a 9% yield for rental properties. Although it’s 55 miles from Denver International Airport (which actually may appeal to some), the city is close to a number of quality ski resorts in Vail, Wolf Creek, Beaver Creek, and Loveland.

Attractive conditions like these represent great bargains for potential home buyers. Investing in the right ski town property today could provide years of enjoyment and welcome dividends, as rentals for part-time or full-time residents and outdoor enthusiasts, no matter where you live.

Protecting Your Investment with TruLog Steel Siding

One way to protect investments like these is to give your rustic home an attractive makeover, one that adds resale value and mimics an authentic log cabin design.

Upgrading to TruLog’s superior steel log siding is a smart decision that offers a significant return on your investment. It adds a strong protective layer against nature’s most extreme weather, improves your home’s overall energy efficiency, and contributes to worry-free maintenance that saves you money.

Read about our Steel Log Siding ROI here, then call us at 970-646-4490 or contact us online for a free quote today.


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