Colorado Ghost Towns

Colorado is famous for its epic natural scenery and relaxed way of life. However, there is a lot of culture and history here as well, including some dark tourism in its ghost towns.

Colorado had a mining boom in the 1800s, which caused new towns to grow. However, when mining declined, so did the population in these towns. Nowadays, if you visit, you’ll notice nothing but eerie and empty buildings. This isn’t quite the wild west, but it sure feels like it!

Colorado ghost towns to visit

Capitol City

The ironically named Capitol City was founded on big dreams – George S. Lee wanted to become Colorado’s governor and wished to make Capitol City its capital city.

However, it never really took off, and nowadays, it is pretty much a couple of cabins and a post office!

Teller City

Teller City is a historic silver mining camp situated near Walden. It was a historic boomtown in the 1880s, but had busted by 1902, and has stood derelict ever since!


Independence is located near Aspen on the Independence Highway. Miners populated it, but they made wooden skis from cabins and skied out, deserting the town in the 1800s. You can learn all about this with a tour by the Aspen Historical Society.


Carson is a really inaccessible little town sitting at 12,000 feet, which made it a foreboding place for miners. It has a few empty buildings to explore and a really dramatic location by the Continental Divide. If you like adventure, this is the Colorado ghost town to visit!

Tips for visiting Colorado ghost towns

●     Some of the areas in these towns may be inaccessible. Don’t go into any buildings or down any paths if you are unsure about the safety or if signs tell you not to.

●     Do not take any relics from the ghost towns.

●     Speak to the tourism authority in the local town for advice about visiting.

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