How to Clean Metal Siding the Right Way

How to Clean Metal Siding

Are you wondering how to clean metal siding without damaging it? Though most metal exteriors are considered extremely low-maintenance — especially compared to other materials — they still require a gentle washing every now and then. Take a look at what tools you’ll need, how to make a cleaning solution, and modern metal siding that offers better durability and protection from the elements.

Steel Siding Is Maintenance-Free, for the Most Part

Most homeowners have heard that metal siding is maintenance-free. This is true when you compare the needs of heavy-duty steel siding with that of more traditional building materials, like wood or vinyl. While traditional materials can require an intense amount of maintenance, metal siding is very easy to care for.

With that said, steel siding requires a little bit of attention in order for it to be able to express its full potential. It is natural for dirt and grime to build up over time, whether after a heavy rainfall or just with seasonal weather changes. Once you learn how to clean steel siding, it will become quite obvious that metal siding is much easier to keep clean than wood or vinyl.

How to Clean Metal Siding

Materials Needed to Clean Metal Siding

Metal siding generally requires a rinse down once or twice a year. Though this can be done with a simple garden hose, some homeowners prefer to actually scrub the siding with a soft, nylon-bristle brush. Scrubbing the siding is usually preferential when homeowners have skipped cleanings for a few years in a row, since grime may have built up. Areas close to the foundation may have more dirt and grime, so attacking those areas with a soft scrub brush can help clear them up quite quickly. Be sure to scrub horizontally and then vertically (rather than in one single direction) to help remove grime effectively.

In addition, a pressure washer is an effective tool that can help clean metal siding faster. Careful attention should be paid when using a pressure washer, as spraying the metal siding on a high-power setting can potentially cause damage — and it’s simply unnecessary. If you do use a power washer, it is recommended to use it on the lowest setting only. Typically, the lowest setting is more than enough power to effectively clean metal siding.

Solutions That Can Help Clean Metal Siding

Solutions That Can Help Clean Metal Siding

Water should do the trick for most cleaning tasks. However, it never hurts to make a simple cleaning solution to help facilitate a deeper clean. A gentle solution is usually more than enough, and there’s no need to purchase fancy cleaning solutions from the store. Mixing ⅓ cup of laundry detergent with 6 gallons of water makes a reliable solution for cleaning metal siding.

When cleaning areas that show signs of mold, a bleach solution can also be helpful. Use a 1:3 ratio of bleach to water to create a cleaning solution to use on areas with mold and mildew. Treating these areas with a cleaning solution rather than water alone usually slows the regrowth of mold.

How to Clean Steel Siding

Anytime you use a cleaning solution on metal siding, it’s important to rinse it thoroughly with water before the cleaning solution has a chance to dry on the siding. It’s also important to consider where the water runoff will go. Never allow cleaning solutions to seep into soil used for growing edible plants, or backyard gardens.

A High-Quality Metal Siding Option

Now that you know how to clean metal siding, it is pretty easy to see why this exterior option is preferable to high-maintenance materials, like wood. In addition to being extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for, metal siding provides enhanced strength and durability that allow it to last much longer.

With a 30-year warranty and beautiful color quality that lasts, TruLog steel siding is an excellent option for high-quality siding made from durable metal. In fact, their metal siding is made from rigid, 26-gauge steel, and it is infused with a galvanizing alloy that resists rust and corrosion, which makes it a top choice for low-maintenance siding made from metal. In addition to being maintenance-free, TruLog products have a Class A Fire Rating and Class 4 Impact Rating, which boost their durability and allow them to last longer than other products on the market.

A High-Quality Metal Siding Option

Another advantage of TruLog siding is that there are so many beautiful styles and colors available — all built to keep their color quality year after year. Whether you’re interested in horizontal lap, board and batten, or a log-style exterior that looks like a cabin, TruLog offers exceptional choices that allow endless design possibilities.
Cleaning steel siding is a breeze — especially with a high-quality product like TruLog siding. Contact TruLog today to explore a wide range of maintenance-free siding made from steel.

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