Christmas Decorating Ideas for Log Cabins

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If you own a log home or a getaway cabin in the mountains, now is the perfect time to consider Christmas decorating ideas that make your log home as cozy and inviting as possible for friends and relatives who visit during the season.

Every year, you’ll find many seasonal retailers that devote entire sections of retail stores or online websites to holiday decorations and seasonal furnishings. Many of these items look best in a rustic cabin setting where deep, rich colors and natural wood features provide the perfect backdrop for creative Christmas cheer.

Lighting Log Cabins with Candles

Candles are a versatile decorating tool at Christmas. They look great anywhere and add to the intimacy of indoor spaces lit by candlelight. They also create a calming, low-light atmosphere that matches well with fireplaces and indoor lamps.

You can choose from many different styles. Consider long tapers set in fine metal, wood, or brass candlesticks, fancy candelabras that dress up dining room tables, glass lanterns that focus or color the light and luster of the candles inside, or tealight candles set in decorative holders or bowls.

Wall sconces are especially appealing in cabins. They accentuate the natural walls where they’re hung. Modern candlesticks also have attractive designs, and come in different lengths for simple, elegant accents on end tables, stonework around fireplaces, or on windowsills.

Wreaths and Christmas Plants Add Natural Beauty

No log home is complete without the welcoming site of a Christmas wreath where visitors can easily see them. Likewise, groups of holiday plants and flowers like poinsettias, holly, ivy, and small evergreens add punch to log home interiors during this special holiday.

Wreaths look best on doors, windows, or walls, or even as a table setting around a group of candles, communicating natural beauty and traditional good cheer for people that gather around them. Natural wreaths made from real pine branches smell good too. They can be dressed with things like sprigs of rosemary, holly, or scented pine cones to add a pleasing scent to their visual appeal.

Fireplace Flair at Christmas

There’s something about the sight of a slow-burning fire in a fireplace, a comfortable couch or chair, and a beautiful view that instantly soothes the spirit.

A fireplace is a highly-desirable living room feature, and it’s one place where you can include all the other holiday decorations we’ve just mentioned. If you have a fireplace in your log home, you can dress up the mantel with stockings, wreaths, mini-trees, candles, and plants to make them look more inviting at Christmas.

You can also drape strings of garland or holiday lights across the mantle, or accent the space with holiday photos or themed ornaments like small glass trees or ceramic figures to give your fireplace some Christmas character.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful for decorating your log home at Christmas, and our staff at TruLog wishes you the best holiday season imaginable.

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